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Potty training can be trying at the best of times – but with an infinite amount of patience and encouragement, your toddler will be mastering the art of going to the toilet in no time. But what if you have travel plans during this all-important phase? Are you facing a long-haul flight or even an epic car journey and worried that all your potty training hard work will be back to square one?

Flying with  a toddler

About to fly with a toddler?

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There isn’t an easy answer – after all potty training is hard, and is often met with setbacks, tears (theirs and yours!) and a lot of washing and clearing up. Having travelled with children all over the world, my eldest didn’t quite master it even until he was quite a lot older and we constantly had to carry several changes of underwear and clothes. And now that my youngest is showing signs, too, I wanted to share my pearls of wisdom, as well as the best travel potties on the market for toddlers who are on the go.

Tips For Potty Training While Travelling

• If you have a big trip coming up then don’t start training just before. If you can, it’s probably best to begin on your return instead. Or if you have time, do it well in advance so your toddler has a chance to master the basics before you travel.

• Let your toddler get used to going to public toilets and bathrooms before you travel – otherwise using a potty or training seat in an environment they don’t know for the first time will be scary and unfamiliar.

• Likewise, get your toddler used to a travel potty or training seat at home, so they will consider it a familiar item. For a full list of travel potties, see below.

• Use a pull-up if you have to. There’s nothing wrong with using training pants if you know there is going to be a long delay to getting to a toilet stop. You’re not failing because of it, and if it’s only for a day, it’s better to feel you’re all covered, rather then stressed-out dealing with any accidents in public places or in the car.

• Pack for all eventualities – make sure you have at least three changes of clothes, plenty of wet wipes, nappy sacks for soiled items, a small towel, and some pull-up training pants should it all get too much.

The Best Travel Potty Seats For Toddlers

With so many travel potty seats on the market, I round up the best ones below:

The Best Travel Potty Seats For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey
Potette Plus 2-in-1

The Potette Plus 2-in-1 folding travel potty and training seat is so compact it neatly folds up to fit in a small travel bag and can be easily stowed in luggage or carry-ons, under a pram or even in a changing bag. The Potette comes with special liners which have absorbent strips and are hygienic and easily disposed of. We use ours everywhere, and you can easily find discreet places out and about with this travel potty – and put it over a toilet as a training seat, too.

Pottete Plus 2-in-1   £18.75

The Best Travel Potties For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey

My Carry Potty

Portable travel potty seats don’t come easier to transport than this. My Carry Potty comes in lots of fun designs including a ladybird and bumblebee and is lightweight and compact that even toddlers can carry it themselves. With no bags, the lid is leak and odour proof  – you just dispose and clean when you can.

My Carry Potty £22.49

The Best Travel Potties For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

The 2-in-1 Go Potty opens quickly and easily, whether you need a standalone potty to use with disposable bags which you can secure with a pinch, or a potty seat to use on a toilet. The small seat is sized perfectly for little bottoms and the generous shield prevents splatter. Meanwhile, the OXO guarantee means if you experience an issue with the travel potty,  OXO will repair or replace it.

OXO Tot 3-in-1 Go Potty  £17.99

The Best Travel Potties For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey

Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Toilet Seat

With its ingenious pinch-proof design, the Jerrybox Foldable Toilet Seat means little bottoms will be safe from being pinched. The non-slip toilet seats fold up into a neat size into its storage bag and can be taken everywhere.

Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Toilet Seat  £12.98

The Best Car Activities For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey

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The Best Travel Potty Seats For Toddlers | My Travel Monkey

ONEDONE Portable Urinal

Not only is the ONEDONE Portable Urinal extremely discreet to use, but it’s also the perfect size to carry around. Great for long car journeys, or if you’re going to be out and about without any access to facilities, the Urinal means kids don’t even have to sit down to use this – and two versions mean boys and girls are accommodated for. It is leak-proof and extremely easy to wash.

ONEDONE Portable Urinal £6.99