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If you read the blog, you’ll know I live, breathe and dream family travel – planning family holidays, sharing the posts, making videos – when I remember! So perhaps it’s not much surprise that the next step was launching a podcast, the Kidventures Family Travel podcast.

Created with my friend and award-winning family travel blogger Cathy, from Mummy Travels, we’re planning to bring you our own tips about travelling with kids, as well as interviews from other family travel experts on everything from destination advice to essential products, plus plenty of family travel inspiration.

What is the Kidventures Family Travel Podcast?

Wondering about flying with a baby? We’ve got advice for that… Thinking about heading off the beaten track with a family holiday in Africa? Yep, on the list. Surviving road trips, camping with kids, our own experiences and mishaps – we’ll be chatting about them all.

And of course, if you’ve got any suggestions of family topics you’d like us to cover on the Kidventures podcast, just drop us a line – either via our blogs or via the Kidventures website.

We’ve visited every continent between us (apart from Antarctica… but give it time) and between us, our kids have explored dozens of countries – from staycations in the UK to beach holidays and city breaks in Europe, road trips, cruises, long-haul flights to South East Asia, the Caribbean and America, not to mention safaris in Africa and meeting Santa in Lapland.

But when we started hunting for a family travel podcasts to satisfy our own wanderlust, we discovered there didn’t seem to be much in the way of UK travel podcasts for families.

And while we hope our tips are just as inspiring for listeners in the US, Australia, anywhere in the world – because kids are kids the world over – we wanted to fill that gap to create a UK family travel podcast to add to the mix that’s out there.

We certainly don’t have all the answers, and some of those we’ve acquired have come through mishaps and meltdowns around the world, which is why we’re also chatting to other experts – fellow bloggers, travel insiders, and parents with travel tales galore to inspire.

What we’ll be covering…

We’ll be covering family holidays on a budget as well as some of the bucket list family adventures that are on our wishlist and probably on yours too. We’ll be talking about travelling with a baby, travels with a toddler and getting some insights into how to travel with teens for the years ahead!

We’d love it if you could share the word with other family travel fans out there who’d enjoy listening – and do sign up to subscribe. You can find the episodes hosted over on the Kidventures site, but it’s also available on everything from iTunes to Spotify. You can even ask Alexa to play it (and if she’s better behaved than our Alexa, she probably will)

So whichever your favourite Podcast listener is, it’s easy to subscribe and get all the latest episodes – check it out on:

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