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If you’re planning a family holiday or saving for an around the world trip, you’ll want to be savvy with your finances. Finding the best deals can slash the cost of your adventures, which means you can extend your trip, continue travelling and see the world without feeling like you’ve splurged too much. And who doesn’t like to keep costs down? I’ve put together so money-saving tips to help you find the cheapest way to travel.

The cheapest way to travel tips

Seeing the world and exploring new destinations is one of my biggest luxuries. But is it possible to satisfy your wanderlust and also travel smart? Last-minute travel deals can be spontaneous and budget-friendly, while local living is a sure-fire way to save you money. Wherever you’re travelling to being flexible, creative and organised will help you to make the most of your trip and save you money along the way. To ensure you get the most out of your travel fund here is how to save money for travel…

Go off the beaten track

Flights and train routes to popular tourist locations will be expensive. If you’re flexible with your destination, however, you can minimise your travel expenses. What’s more, you’ll get to explore some hidden gems and popular local attractions, rather than follow the herd to well-known tourist traps.

If you want to visit a specific location, it’s worth searching for alternative routes. Jetting to a nearby airport and then making your way to a popular location can be far cheaper than flying direct. Many travel websites give you the option to search for travel routes based on price alone, so pick your budget and let your destination surprise you! Not only is the fun, but will save you some serious pennies.

Pre-book when you can

When you book in advance, you can pay a fraction of the upfront costs. Whether it’s flights, train travel, accommodation or even tickets to tourist attractions and excursions, planning ahead will always save you money. 

If you enjoy the spontaneity of being on holiday, you needn’t let pre-booking cramp your style. Choose one or two things you know you’ll want to do and be sure to book them in advance. If you’re heading to well-known tourist sites, you typically need to book months in advance anyway. By getting ahead of the game, you can ensure your must-see list of attractions is achievable and save money in the process.

Cut the cost of communication

Whether you’re wandering through the streets of Venice, skiing in the Austrian Alps or lounging on a beach in the Mediterranean, you’ll be eager to surf the web, use social media or send photos to your family and friends back home. However, your existing phone contract may impose costly roaming charges and high fees for international calls and messages. Before you head abroad, be sure to check whether your current data plan and call package will apply when you’re away. Often, it can be more cost-effective to switch to a different overseas provider. Take a look at alternatives, like SMARTY SIM, that can minimise the cost of connecting with loved ones when you’re abroad. From quick calls home to putting photos online – cut the cost of communication and you’ll save a bundle.

Take your own snacks

Every seasoned traveller knows the importance of bringing snacks on a trip – especially those with kids. So don’t forget the essentials. Buying food and drink at airports and train stations can be an unnecessary expense and you’ll pay over the odds. With pre-prepared snacks, however, you can avoid spending your holiday cash on pre-arrival sustenance. What’s more, you’ll be fully prepared for delays and unexpected stops. With a range of snacks at hand, you can boost your blood sugar, keep hydrated and fight fatigue!

Travel out of season

If you aren’t limited by school term times, take advantage of the reduced travel costs and book your trip out of season. Flights, train tickets and accommodation can be as much as double the cost if you go away in the height of summer, so there’s a fortune to be saved if you’re flexible. By avoiding half-terms and major holidays, you could cut the cost of your trip by a significant amount. Furthermore, travelling in low season means there will be fewer holidaymakers at your destination, which means fewer queues and fewer crowds.

Live like a local

When you’re travelling abroad, spending your time like a local will give you a real insight into the country you’re visiting. If you want to find the best restaurants, beaches and sights always ask a local resident.  As well as getting the lowdown on the best places to go, you’ll find that the non-tourist hotspots are far cheaper than the more popular areas. With a chance to increase the authenticity of your trip, explore your destination and save money. Living like a local is the only way to travel.

Get low-cost travel insurance

Avoiding travel insurance isn’t a good way of saving money when you’re travelling but getting a great deal will ensure you’ve got the essential backup you need, without splashing too much of your cash. Before you buy travel insurance, check your credit card and existing insurance agreements, as many of them include it in the first instance.  If you still need to buy a separate policy, don’t go with the first provider you come across. A quick online comparison search will help you to find comprehensive travel insurance at the best price. Remember – not all activities are covered on every policy. 

Be flexible

The more flexible you are when you’re travelling, the more money you can save. Taking night flights, travelling off-season and switching accommodation part-way through your stay can drastically reduce the cost of your trip. With a little flexibility, you can even save enough cash to fund another trip, so it’s well worth being savvy with your finances.