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When I first read JK Rowling’s The Philosopher’s Stone back in 1997, I, along with billions of other people, was enthralled by the story of a young wizard boy whose adventures have spawned a worldwide phenomenon.

I’m in my element that Monkey, at the tender age of five, is becoming a mini Potter fan. Not fully fledged by any means, but taking a keen interest nonetheless. And it’s lovely that we can share a passion which will only become stronger as he grows older.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour

When we first visited The Warner Bros Studio Tour over four and half years ago, Monkey wasn’t even walking. I loved every minute of it but since the film franchise ended back in 2011, there have been several additions to the already popular London attraction that I’ve been dying to go back to see and experience.

The 15th Anniversary Celebrations at The Harry Potter Studio Tour

So you can imagine my delight when I was invited back to Harry Potter Studio Tour London to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of The Philosopher’s Stone film – and that Monkey insisted he wore his Harry Potter cloak without prompting!

As always throughout the year, the Harry Potter Studio Tour London runs special events and celebrations which sees hidden away props and costumes brought back for a special appearance. This time included Hagrid’s deconstructed costume, as well as being able to peer inside the Dursley’s living room at Privet Drive, and being able to command broomstick to fly up into your hand.

The 15th Anniversary Celebrations at The Harry Potter Studio TourAll these fantastic additions made the trip even more exciting for the both of us – and for me in particular, was being able to compare the differences.

The 15th Anniversary Celebrations at Harry Potter World

There are certain sets that weren’t on exhibit back then such as being able to sit in the flying car, and viewing scenes from The Deathly Hallows films. We both loved running across the Hogwarts Wooden Bridge and climbing onto the back of the Knight Bus.

The 15th Anniversary Celebrations at The Harry Potter Studio Tour

My favourite addition, though, has to be Platform 9¾ and being able to board the real Hogwarts Express,  and pretending to go through the wall with a luggage trolley. My husband wondered who was the bigger kid…

Would I ever tire of going? I can honestly say no.

Monkey isn’t old enough to grasp the intricacies behind the sets and props, and how the magic of these talented people have brought a story to life. But he certainly had fun – especially being able to ride a broomstick and grabbing a flying Hogwarts letter through a letterbox. I also felt lucky to be able to enjoy all the extra elements for the anniversary celebrations, too.

The 15th Anniversary Celebrations at The Harry Potter Studio TourThree hours or so isn’t really enough time to explore each section in detail. So, if Monkey asks to go back again – he will always have a willing partner…

For more of what we go up to at the Warner Bros Studio Tour check out these videos which illustrate the highlights from our visit:

* Disclaimer: We were invited as guests to the Warner Bros Studio Tour. As always, my opinions are my own.