A club sandwich:

Is a sandwich of toasted bread, sliced poultry, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It is often cut into quarters or halves and held together by cocktail sticks

According to Wikipedia, the origins of the club sandwich are unconfirmed, and the subject of some debate. An early recipe included: ‘Two toasted pieces of Graham bread, with a layer of turkey or chicken and ham between them, served warm.’ Another theory is that the club sandwich was invented in an exclusive Saratoga Springs, New York  gambling club in the late 19th century. The sandwich is known to have appeared on U.S. restaurant menus as far back as 1899.

So the club sandwich, in its various forms and adaptations, has been satisfying hungry folk for over 115 years and, while they are not the most healthiest to consume, I am a huge fan of them – particularly when I go abroad…

My love affair with the club sandwich really began on my first holiday with a group of friends to Gran Canaria. We didn’t eat very well – it was pretty much a diet of booze and junk food, but we were only 17 and out for a good time.

Club Sandwiches From Around The WorldWe weren’t staying in a classy establishment, but it did offer up some welcome hangover food. Our favourite – from the pool café – was a club sandwich with a hole cut out of the top, so the egg yolk was showing. Not only was it really messy to eat, but it was full of cheap bacon and cheese – you know the type that’s plastic-like but delicious? All in all it was so wrong, but so good.

Since that club sandwich, without fail, I will always try one whenever I go away. I have always found that club sandwiches are a staple on all hotel menus, and I can easily find them at pubs/bars/cafés and restaurants, no matter what country I’m in. I am quite particular about my clubs. The bread has to be really toasted, the bacon crispy and it has to be crunchy lettuce, like baby gem. I even like avocado in mine and I prefer the egg to be runny – not too much mayo, not too many tomatoes and lots of cheese. And always with a portion of golden french fries.

Club Sandwiches From Around The WorldWhich brings me neatly to the reason why I am writing this post. Something silly and fun I know, but because it’s been a long tradition of mine, I’ve decided to start documenting each club sandwich I order from around the world. This, of course, will be a work in progress, as I will be updating it whenever I can.

If you, too, like to scoff a club sandwich while you are on your travels, please feel free to get in touch and I will add yours to the list, so we can start building a comprehensive guide to club sandwiches around the world!

Do you like club sandwiches? What’s your favourite combination?