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Annoying tourists – they’re quite literally everywhere. I’ve been travelling since I was a child – and now that I have my own son I’ve become a little more observant about the idiosyncrasies of other travellers and holidaymakers which seem to have become more noticeable as I’ve got older… Or perhaps it’s because I’ve become a little less tolerant and not so ashamed to hide my disdain. These following observations and musings are just some of the little things that seriously perplex me about some tourists. Here are 10 Types of tourists that are annoying:

10 Types of Tourists That Are Annoying

The desperate dashers #1

When you’re at the airport and your gate is called, the desperate dashers are those passengers who queue at the gate, impatient to get onto the tin pot that will take them to their next destination. What always makes me smile wryly is when I stroll past them because my seating row is called first or because we have Monkey with us, as you get to board first when you have an infant. Chill out, people. You’ve been assigned a seat and it’s not going anywhere.

The desperate dashers #2

The same as above, but getting off the plane. As soon as the seatbelt sign has been turned off they leap on to their feet and  rush to grab their belongings from the overhead lockers and just stand there. In another queue…

Queuing at Airports - Annoying Tourists | My Travel Monkey

The manspreaders

There are a few passengers on planes, trains or buses, who have an utter disregard for their fellow person. Elbows practically in your side or a serious case of manspreading. My heart sinks if I’m sat next to a manspreader. The ones in front can also be problematic. You know those who recline their seat on take off so your knees are practically bashing your own face for the whole journey.

The phantom plane farters

I know being up on a plane causes pungent gases to escape from the body and it can’t be helped. But sometimes it’s just disgusting… Go to the bathroom. It’s those SBD (silent but deadly) farts that get me…

The constant photographers

You know that person… If you’re on a tour or at a sight of interest, the constant photographer with his/her fancy hardware will be snapping at anything and everything from a random object or building to a rubbish bin. I always wonder what they do when they get home and go through their reams of pointless photographs…

The selfie junkies

You could be standing at the most stunning UNESCO site but there will always be one person more preoccupied with taking several hundred smouldering/hilarious/cheesy shots of themselves rather than observing their surroundings.

10 Types of Tourists | My Travel Monkey

The lazy diners

Wherever you go in the world there are always those eating establishments which catch your eye and you wonder how on earth they earn an income. Those empty places that look devoid of love, a cleaning scourer and bleach. Oh, yes it’s because lazy diners who have no desire to explore or be adventurous will just spy a picture menu and take a pew.

The kid haters

I see so many other lists similar to this one that makes a point of dissing travelling families: ‘Control rowdy children’ are just some of their suggestions. As I’ve said before, and will happily say again, children are not animals and they cannot be muzzled. They have just as much right to enjoy a meal or visit a sight as other travelers. And if you catch them having a meltdown, rest assured this does not last. I’ve seen those wary glances on aeroplanes or at restaurants, and it’s just bad form to assume you’re going to have a bad time because of my child.

The condescending individuals

There’s nothing more grating when you hear individuals speaking to hotel/waiting staff or any person providing a service in a patronising and condescending tone – particularly when they speak English very, very slowly and loudly. It’s even worse when they offer no thanks. It’s just plain rude. Don’t do it.

10 Types of Tourists That Are Annoying

The umbrella followers

I don’t have anything against tour groups as such, especially when they’re mostly made up of a particular age group… old people. However, why do they all congregate at the same spot at the same time? And why do they always stop in the middle of pavements, public access areas and invade whole streets in a desperate dash to follow an umbrella being waved in the air? It’s slightly irksome when you get caught in their stampede.

There you have it – if you’ve been guilty of any of the above, I really hope I haven’t offended you. But at least you know now! Are there any types of tourists that you find annoying?