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As much as we wanted sun and relaxation during our stay in Hua Hin we knew there would be a few instances where we’d venture out of the confines of our hotel to explore and have some adventure. Even though we had the most glorious weather during the majority of our holiday there were a couple of stormy/overcast days – which we took as the perfect excuse to go and try out one of two water parks in the area. Although the Vana Nava is newer and has more bells and whistles, we opted to spend a day at Black Mountain Hua Hin as we were advised the slides and pools are much more geared towards younger children. It was the recommended Hua Hin Waterpark for us to visit. But would it live up to expectations?

Black Mountain Water Park

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyBlack Mountain Water Park is situated about 15 mins from Hua Hin city centre and runs a free shuttle bus to and from Hua Hin’s clock tower. We decided to use a cab from our hotel which, although was the more expensive option (£18 return trip), it was so much easier as the timings didn’t work out for us. The water park is part of a resort that also has private villas and a 30-acre golf course but although it looks large – far from it, we found it to be just the right size especially with a toddler in tow.

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyAfter paying our entrance fee, we were given a dining card to top up with credit, which is used to pay for food and drink whilst in the park – a great idea as you’re not going to be carrying a wallet around with you– and the balance is refunded if you don’t use it all up.

Black Mountain Water Park’s Facilities

We were then shown to the changing and locker rooms and had to pay a few pounds for a keyless locker fob – which is given back to you on departure. I was really impressed with the whole process, the staff made it quick and simple, while the changing room facilities were large and very clean. We also noticed life jackets for children and adults – free to use for all visitors – and found one that fit Monkey. It allowed him more freedom to move than his water wings, plus it was an extra safety precaution well worth having.

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel Monkey

Black MountainWater Park For Kids

The first area we headed to was to the Children’s Adventure pool, passing by stepping-stones which Monkey adored jumping over and the little grassy play area which was full of equipment including playhouses and plastic rocking horses.

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyIt was tough actually getting Monkey away from the playhouses – he loved them – but we finally persuaded him to come and look at the fun slides and he ran into the shallow pools and straight up the steps without even a backward glance.

Slides for younger kids at Black Mountain Hua Hin | My Travel MonkeyEven though it was threatening to rain and dark clouds were looming, the water temperature was pleasant and mild. Monkey spent a good while playing in this section while we supervised from the sidelines. He then decided to wade into the fountain pool and go and check out the superhero figures dotted around.

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyBut as soon as he spotted the large blue boogie boards washing up in the wave pool, he immediately asked if we could all go in. To be honest, I don’t know who was more excited – us or him! We laid him flat on a board and edged our way to the front as the klaxon signalled the waves were about to begin.

The wave machine at Hua Hin Waterpark | My Travel MonkeyIt was fun at first… the waves weren’t too big for us to manage but then all of a sudden, the current became stronger and stronger, while the waves were rising higher and higher. In some ways, it was good we were being pushed further and further back towards the shallows, but as a huge wave headed towards us, I knew Monkey wouldn’t stay on his board and we were both swept away. Luckily, hubby grabbed Monkey but I was pulled under for a small second, scraping my knees on the floor. Thankfully, Monkey was fine and didn’t even seem that bothered.

The Lazy River

However, I wanted to try something a little gentler before we tackled the slides, so we took a spin around the lazy river on a double rubber ring. There wasn’t much in the way to see as we bobbed along the water, but there were water jets and showers that made Monkey squeal in delight. And more so when I tried to get off the ring gracefully and ended up making a meal of it.

Black Moutain Water Park’s Main Slides

We then excitedly made our way to the main slides. Hubby and I love them and we couldn’t wait to have a go. We were, however, concerned that Monkey wouldn’t be allowed on any of them as he was too small/young.

As we walked past the screaming people splashing into the pool, we all noticed they were wearing helmets. Typically, we chose to ignore this observation as we climbed up several flights of steps to the Blue Snake – a tube slide where you sit on a rubber ring. And, while the staff had absolutely no qualms about Monkey going on it with us, they insisted we all had to wear helmets, even though it didn’t fit him properly. So I had to traipse all the way back down the stairs to get some.

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyThe Blue Snake and The Bee next to it were great fun, and hubby and I took turns going on them.  Monkey only went on The Blue Snake the once. He is fearless when it comes to trying new things and happily sat on Daddy’s lap for the first go. But after coming out the other end, he told us he was scared as it was a bit too ‘fast’. Bless him, my little trooper. We then stuck to The Wide Wave, which was much more age appropriate.

The Bee Slide! My Travel Monkey

Food options

After having several turns on the slides, we decided it was time for lunch. The park insists you can’t bring in your own food, but the main restaurant has plenty of options from Thai and Western food at reasonable prices. We spent around £15 on hot food and drinks as well as ice-cream. We couldn’t have timed it more perfectly because just as our food arrived, the heavens opened and the rain came lashing down. Monkey ran out into the rain to rescue all the plastic rocking horses and take them into the playhouses. It was very sweet to watch, and because we were all wet anyway, it really didn’t matter!

Once the rain has subsided and our bellies were full, we headed over to the other side of the park and had a swim in their 50ft infinity pool which looks out over a huge lake. It’s where we spotted the wakeboard park and the assault course – which reminded me of that hilarious gameshow Total Wipeout but without the big red balls.

Wakeboard Park Fun For Kids in Hua Hin | My Travel MonkeyMonkey was desperate to have a go but this time, the powers that be deemed him to be too small – and to be honest, he would have struggled.

After watching others hilariously try to complete the course, Monkey insisted that hubby and I both go on a ‘scary’ slide. Not one to pass up a challenge, we both chose to go on the Purple Speed. I made hubby go first – and Monkey cheered him on all the way from the bottom. Then it was my turn… I admit it was pretty high up but instead of taking too much time to think about it I threw myself in. It actually wasn’t as fast as it claimed to be, but Monkey was suitably impressed!

A Day Out at Black Mountain Hua Hin Water Park | My Travel MonkeyAll in all, we had a brilliant day out at Black Mountain Water Park. It had more than enough to keep us occupied for several hours and it was very child-friendly. It was nice to see a real mix of local people and tourists enjoying themselves, and it never felt overcrowded. We didn’t have to queue up at all to go on any of the slides.

Final thoughts on Black Mountain Water Park

The facilities are of a high standard – there is plenty of seating and sunbeds to set up camp; food and drink kiosks throughout the park; and as I’ve mentioned before, excellent changing and locker rooms. There are also lifeguards keeping watch on all the pools and slides.

As we were leaving, we were surprised to see several people paying to get in, even though the park was soon closing. Just goes to show how popular it is – you’re never too old to enjoy sliding down a big plastic tube!

Meanwhile, later on, that evening, Monkey slept ever so soundly – in fact, we all did. Clearly, having that much fun was exhausting!

Black Mountain Hua Hin, Moo 2 Tambon Hin Lek Fai,  Hua Hin. Entrance fee: 600 Bhat per adult (£12); 300 Bhat per child (£6); Little Monkeys, Free. A free shuttle bus to the park runs from The Clock Tower. Please check the website for timetable.