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When I look back at both my pregnancies, I can’t quite believe how quickly they flew by. From the 12-week scan right up until giving birth it can all be quite a blur, particularly the first time around when you really don’t know what to expect.

That’s why it’s so important for all mums-to-be to take some time for themselves, to try and maintain a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and plenty of rest. It also helps to keep to your normal routine as much as possible – and for me, that was trying to travel as much as I could.

I was really lucky that I didn’t suffer from any morning sickness. Water retention, cankles and bad hips, yes, but that wasn’t helped by having to commute to London on the tube in the height of summer while I was carrying Monkey. With Peanut, it was an altogether different experience being pregnant during the cold winter months – a little easier to manage, although I still suffered from various creaks and twinges.

On both occasions, I was determined to keep travelling as much as possible especially earlier on in the pregnancies. During the last trimester for both boys, I wasn’t really feeling the joy of wandering around too much due to the pesky pelvic pain I was experiencing.

However, being able to still go abroad, as well as explore closer to home, meant that the children caught the travelling bug early on, and I fed my wanderlust desire – for a short while at least – before knuckling down to being a mummy.

Travelling While Pregnant: Looking Back At My Babymoon Diaries

Babymoon Holidays

While I didn’t go to the ends of the Earth to prove a point that I could still go travelling when pregnant (you will need a doctor’s approval to fly after 28 weeks), I did manage to get to a few places.

Although babymoon holidays are meant to be a romantic break away for a couple before a baby’s arrival, I think it’s fair to count any travelling when you’re expecting as one, and it was so lovely reminiscing about mine. But did I do anything differently because I was pregnant? Only small things and here are some of my highlights travelling while pregnant:

Berlin, Germany

I was only around 10 weeks into my pregnancy when we spent the weekend in a very cold, snowy Berlin. We spent much of our time exploring the German capital on foot. The only thing that worried me at the time was slipping over when it snowed heavily, but with extra caution and a helping hand, it was all fine.

Travelling While Pregnant: Looking Back At My Babymoon DiariesSantorini, Greece

Six months in, and this would be our last trip abroad before Monkey entered the world. This was a proper babymoon – romantic meals and sunset walks amongst the iconic whitewashed and blue roof-topped city of Oia, as well as wine tasting. Although, I didn’t do much myself! The heat was a little stifling, as was the steep steps. I made sure to keep in the shade and drink plenty of water.

Burgundy, France

I only found out I was pregnant with Peanut a few days before we embarked on a family road trip in Burgundy back in 2016. I had visions of drinking lots of red wine, eating lots of French cheeses and rare steaks! It wasn’t to be and because I was only around six weeks, I really wanted to be careful with what I ate. I recall on our first night, we went to a bistro where they brought us a chateaubriand that was so bloody… My husband ate most of that, while I just ate the fries! I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough resisting all the food and drink on that trip. Even Monkey tucked into it all!

Travelling While Pregnant: Looking Back At My Babymoon Diaries

Tuscany, Italy

Much like Burgundy, this Italian holiday was based on relaxing in the sunshine and eating the most amazing food as we were staying in a beautiful Italian villa nestled in the Tuscan countryside. The Italian chefs were so amazing and made sure to check with me first before offering certain foods – including the raw eggs in tiramisu. I was able to truly relax, read a few books and take in the beautiful scenery. I was certainly in babymoon heaven, as was Monkey, who spent long sunny days playing with his friends in the extensive grounds.

Travelling While Pregnant: Looking Back At My Babymoon Diaries

Whitstable, Kent

We may not have gone abroad, but spending five days staying by the seaside was just the tonic for me at nearly seven months pregnant. We strolled, albeit slowly, along the seafront, ate lots of fish and chips and generally enjoyed the fresh, sea air. I remember sleeping very well but I had the foresight to bring my special pregnancy pillow which helped support my aching back! I also had to avoid the oysters, which were apparently amazingly fresh and delicious.

Travelling While Pregnant: Looking Back At My Babymoons

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