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After spending a week exploring Dubrovnik and its surrounding islands, we definitely left wanting more. Croatia has so much to offer for families looking for a sun-soaked holiday – from amazing beaches, a wealth of history and gorgeous cuisine. We ate so well in Croatia which is home to some of the most extraordinary Croatian dishes. There were so many Dubrovnik restaurants that it was hard to choose – and with influences from the rest of Europe, it meant there we always found food in Croatia that appealed to the whole family.  

Croatian dishes You Must Try | My Travel Monkey

Croatian Dishes You Must Try

Croatia has strong traditional dishes ranging from seafood to black risotto. Amongst bold flavours, we are sure there is something for the whole family to enjoy. Check out this guide to Croatian cuisine.  

Crni Rižot, Black Risotto

Don’t let the colour put you off! Black risotto gets it’s striking dark colour from the ink of squid, which colours the rice. While optional, this risotto often contains seafood and not just squid! Mussels, clams and other shellfish have been known to make an appearance in this delightful concoction. 


There is only one way to describe peka, and that is a mega one-pot feast. Peka contains any kind of meat, seafood and vegetables in one bell-shaped lidded pot, that is promptly covered in hot coals. This unique way of cooking is part of Croatian life, and transfers to its neighbouring countries, too. Most restaurants will serve Peka, despite its lengthy process, but it usually needs to be ordered in advance. Fresh is the best way to eat it! 

Istarski FužiPasta

Pasta is a firm favourite for most families, and this fuži will be sure to impress. Nominally quill-shaped, this is one of Croatia’s most popular pasta dishes, which is hand-rolled and homemade! The way this pasta is a simple dish and enjoyed by so many. The dough is cut into little diamond shapes and then rolled around a chopstick to create its unique shape.  Generally, this pasta is served with a variety of different stews. You can choose from luxurious truffle to a hearty beef stew. 

Croatian Beef Stew | My Travel Monkey

Viška and komiška pogača, Stuffed Bread

Viška pogača, in its simplest form, is a baked sandwich. Brushed with quality olive oil and then stuffed with onion and salted sardines, they are then baked and cut into squares to make this unique sandwich!  Depending on which part of the island you find yourself exploring, the traditional pogača includes komiška, tomatoes. This is the perfect traditional Croatian food that would be brilliant for your whole family to try!

Neretvanski Brudet

Neretvanski Brudet is definitely a dish for the most adventurous when it comes to your taste buds! This surprising paprika broth is a swimming pool of eel and frog! Polenta, the traditional grain-based substance of ground corn is also included in the ingredients to soak up the delicious broth!


Dalmatian food is popular with families, and the Soparnik is a staple.  A thin, savoury pie, often in the shape of a slice of pizza or diamond, usually with a filling of Swiss chard. This thin, delicious pie is filled with simple ingredients that are very common in the Dalmatia region. Soparnik used to be more of a winter dish, as swiss chard is at its sweetest in the colder months. With that being said, it is now available all year round and is an excellent option if seafood or salty fish isn’t high on the list of your favourite foods.


Known in England as the frittata, the fritaja is essentially an egg omelette! If this is something your family enjoy at home, it’s sure to be a hit in Croatia. The main thing to know about the fritaja is that the ingredients alter throughout the year, with it being preferred to use fresh seasonal ingredients. Spring will see the fritaja having asparagus and wild herbs as fillings, whereas towards the winter, bacon and wine might be included. This means there will be a version your little ones will love to try!

Sarma – Stuffed cabbage leaves

Sarma is a well-loved comfort food of Croatia. Like a hug in your tummy, this delicacy will bring you warmth on a chilly day. Cabbage leaves are traditionally stuffed with sausage minced meat, spec, garlic and spices such as paprika.

Croatia is a wonderful place to have a family holiday, and we’re sure you will find Croatian dishes that you’ll love. For a luxury home from home, why not stay in a luxury holiday villas Croatia to make the perfect base for your family so you can explore Croatia and sample the amazing cuisine!

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