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As readers of My Travel Monkey know all too well, over the years, we’ve been rather unlucky on some occasions when it comes to rainy days on holiday. The worse in recent memory has to be our time in Burgundy, when we had a deluge of wet weather, that meant even our accommodation was flooded. But we still had an amazing time – because we were prepared! 

Don’t Worry About Rainy Days On Holiday…

If you tell a friend or family member that you intend to take a holiday in the UK, you’ll more than likely be asked: “But what if it rains?” In fairness, it’s easy to understand this concern. The UK is subject to incredibly strange weather, which can mean that a morning that starts with clear, blue skies and the sun shining down ends with a torrential, wintry downpour! And when we spent time in North Devon, this is exactly what happened!

In all likelihood, you’ve had similar concerns about the weather when choosing to holiday in the UK too; we live in a culture where holidays are synonymous with heat and sunshine, which is obviously far from guaranteed if you’re planning a staycation.

Tips On How To Cope With Rainy Days On Holiday in the UK

Thankfully, the UK travel and tourism industry are well aware that the weather cannot be relied upon, and has sought to ensure there are multiple options that can guarantee a wonderful time even on the days when the skies are overcast, grey and the weather is inclement. If you want to ensure you and your family can have a great UK holiday, here are some top tips on how to cope with rainy days on holiday…

Stay in a holiday park

Hotels and B&Bs are a great choice when you’re visiting a part of the world where good weather is all but guaranteed; you can simply use your accommodation as a base, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be warm and sunny enough to explore the surrounding area and attractions as you wish.

However, with a UK holiday, there’s no such guarantee, which means choosing to stay in accommodation such as Lyons Holiday Parks could be a good choice. UK holiday parks offer a variety of activities and entertainment options on-site, so if you wake up one morning and can barely see out of the window due to the heavy rain lashing down, you can stay on the resort rather than venturing into the torrent.

Select Weather Alternatives

Perhaps you’ve decided you want to visit Warwick Castle as part of your UK-based holiday – and well worth it as we discovered when we spent the night glamping in the Knight’s Village. We had good sunny weather during our visit,  but would we have had as good as time in the rain? Probably not. And the same is true of countless other sites and attractions in the UK; while you could visit them even if the rain is pouring down, the chances of a pleasant visit are slim if the weather doesn’t play ball.

With that in mind, it would be useful to include ‘weather alternatives’ when establishing your “things to do” list for your UK holiday. If an attraction or event could be considered weather-permitting, add a second, nearby option that you can go to instead. So if Warwick Castle is your first choice, then make nearby 17th-Century Warwickshire Museum your rainy day holiday alternative.

Rainy Days on Holiday | My Travel Monkey

Take a list of default options

So you wanted to visit a weather-permitting attraction, which got rained off – but you’re now facing a scenario where no one is really in the mood for your alternative choice, either. Don’t worry because you have a list of default options – which perhaps includes things to do indoors.

What you include on your ‘default’ list depends on your family’s preferences, but cinemas, shopping centres, soft play areas, bowling alleys, and indoor-only adventure parks are all well worth considering. It’s helpful to have a list of choices ready to go; assemble the list by running a few Google searches and saving the locations of any that might appeal to your phone. By doing the research beforehand, you can be sure there are endless choices available as and when needed, so you can always be confident you’ll be able to find a suitable solution as quickly as possible.

Take a supply of rainy-day essentials

Finally, it’s worth taking a supply of ‘rainy day essentials’ when planning to holiday in the UK – especially given that these items can also come in useful use if someone falls ill, or hurt themselves – such a travel first aid kit. Meanwhile, it’s also important to keep the boredom at bay – kids can get itchy feet when it’s raining too much! Perhaps consider newly-downloaded apps for tablets, colouring books, fiction books, and new toys can also be useful if you find you need to spend a day or two indoors during your time away.

Just get wet!

Sometimes, there’s nothing else for it if the weather is so bad, that it’s impossible to spend all your time indoors! So, get the waterproofs and wellies on, get outside and just have fun!

Holidaying in the UK can mean that you have to deal with rather unpredictable weather, but hopefully, the ideas above should help to ensure you and your family can have a wonderful time – whatever the weather may bring!

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