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Even though Bocketts Farm Park is only 20 minutes away, I’m ashamed to say this is the first time I have visited this popular attraction, set in the heart of the Surrey countryside. Our friends suggested we take the kids to enjoy some fresh air, the huge indoor play areas and all the cute farm animals. Of course, when Monkey heard there was a tractor and trailer ride, he could barely contain his excitement.

Our Day Out at Bocketts Farm Park in Surrey

As we drove into the car park I was worried to see how full it was. Hubby turned to me and shook his head: ‘This is going to be hideous…’ he mumbled under his breath. In fairness, it was only 10.30am and we were already in the overflow car park. Once we met up with our friends and wandered through to the entrance, I braced myself for the onslaught of weary parents and screaming kids…PicMonkey2Collage

And was pleasantly surprised…

Bocketts Farm Park is big. Not only does it have two indoor play barns including trampolines and huge slides, outdoor adventure trails, climbing walls, maze, jumping pillows and sandpits, but it’s also a working farm – so there are plenty of baby animals to coo over. And, because it’s so spread out – it never felt overly busy. Much to our relief.

Once we had paid our entrance fee, we were right inside the play barn and first up was a clamber on the tractor. Then the kids spied the soft-play area, which they happily amused themselves in for the time it took us to enjoy some much-needed coffee.PicMonkey Collage

But once the ‘big slide’ was mentioned – the pair of them rushed off ahead of us, grabbing a mat and running up the steep stairs. It amazed me how Monkey had no fear – whooshing down again and again. After several turns, the kids decided that it was time to enter the maze of climbing tunnels and nets. We lost them in there for a good while, eventually emerging when they heard the pig race was commencing soon.

It was pretty difficult getting Monkey out of the play barn as we headed to the exit because he soon spied the trampolines. He begged us for a quick jump and we couldn’t refuse his polite request.

We finally made it outside, but not before passing various compounds filled with small animals. The children were fascinated by all of them including rabbits, chickens, and guinea pigs.

Bocketts Farm Pig Racing

At Bocketts, there is a daily pig race which attracts vast cheering crowds. It’s brilliant as you get to see the racing pigs in their pen before the klaxon goes off. We laughed at their names including Peppa, Kevin Bacon and Harry Trotter. Monkey was desperate for Peppa to win. The staff involve the spectators as much as possible, giving some children flags to wave at the start and finish lines. We didn’t have prime position, unfortunately, but it was still fun to watch Harry race the gauntlet to victory. We were all shocked by how fast the pigs were.PicMonkey Collage

Bocketts Farm Park Play Areas

Next stop was going to the Small Animal Village to see the baby lambs, calves and kids. It made me laugh when Monkey innocently asked a stranger what the cow was doing before realising and telling her: ‘That cow is having a really big wee!’ The lady could barely stifle her snigger.PicMonkey 4Collage

After letting the children roam around outside for while, exploring the different play areas, it was time for the tractor ride. Annoyingly, you have to pay extra for this – it’s only £1.25, but having paid the entrance fee, you would have thought the ride would be complimentary. Monkey was in his element, he loved every minute of it, and the ride was a good way of exploring the rest of the farm and seeing the surrounding countryside. The driver even pointed out actor Michael Caine’s house in the distance.IMG_0042_2

When the tour was over, it was time for lunch, so we all headed to the large Tea Room barn, where they serve an array of food from cold sandwiches, to mini lunch boxes for children, to hot food such as sausages, pizza, jackets and pasta. Although it was quite expensive, it was nice to get in out of the cold and warm up with a cup of tea.

Stuffed and content, we decided it was time to head home as it was already late afternoon, but not before Monkey had a go on the pedal tractors and a visit to the gift shop. It’s always nigh on impossible not to get him something when we go to these places. All those bright, tempting colours and trinkets are so hard to resist when you’re a child.PicMonkey5Collage

Bocketts Farm Map

Bocketts Farm Park is a great day out for the whole family, and considering how much there is to see and do there, it’s good value for money. We didn’t even join in with animal petting, pony rides or the goat milking. We will definitely be returning to explore more of the outside spaces and hopefully spending a sunny day catching some rays, and letting the Monkey play until his heart’s content. Roll on Spring!


Entrance fee: Adults £9.20; Children 3-17 years old £9.80; Children 2 years old £8; Under-2s Free.