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If you have children, then you’ll know that being near a swimming pool is pretty much-guaranteed fun and games for hours on end. From splashing, jumping, diving and underwater challenges, being in the water from a young age is essential for children to be able to gain confidence and eventually learn to swim. All the more so when they have training aids and Zoggs swimming toys.

Which is why I made sure that both my boys went swimming when they were just a few months old. And now, I have two water babies – they adore it. Monkey, being much older, is a proficient swimmer now, while Peanut loves being dunked and jumping off the edge of the pool into our arms. He has no fear.

Pool Time Fun With Zoggs Swimming Toys | My Travel Monkey

Swimwear brand Zoggs also champions introducing kids to the water as early as possible with their Learn to Swim range which has products suited to a child’s development as they become more confident. For instance, their swimwear for babies help to them keep warm both in and out of the water, as well as buoyancy aids such as floating training seats and rings. And for older children, goggles and earplugs as well as Zoggs swimming toys – such as dive balls and sticks.

On our recent holiday to Greece, we had an assortment of Zoggs swimming toys in our luggage – and we knew, that being lucky enough to have our own pool in our villa, they would be used constantly.

Surf Rider and Diving Sticks

As soon as we arrived, we all jumped straight in and Monkey was insistent that we blow up his Batman Surf Rider and get out all the diving sticks and rings. What I liked about them is that they’re all so brightly coloured and easy to grip. And even the baby enjoyed throwing them in for his brother to get.

Pool Time Fun With Zoggs Swimming Toys | My Travel MonkeyMeanwhile, the Surf Rider was used by all of us at one time or another, but Monkey loved it the most, gripping the handles and looking through the clear window to see what lay beneath. Although he needed no encouragement to stay in the water…Pool Time Fun With Zoggs Swimming Toys | My Travel Monkey

We did have a buoyancy vest for Peanut, but try as we might, he refused to wear it. But the great thing is that there is plenty of room for him to grow into it. So we’re hoping he will eventually change his mind.

What struck me by the main communal pool in our resort, was how many young children were kitted out in Zoggs swimwear and had a variety of Zoggs swimming toys, as well. So it’s clearly a brand that is well-liked, known and trusted. And with so many products available to children and adults alike, you won’t go far wrong ordering your swimming gear from them.

We certainly had a lot of fun with them!

*We were gifted our Zoggs swimming toys, but as always my opinions are my own.