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Now that my schedule is being dictated by my baby son, it’s even more important for me to get out of the house on a daily basis – no matter what the forecast.  It’s amazing what a good walk can do for the both of us, but with the unpredictability of the weather – one-minute sunshine, then next, blowing a gale and raining – it can be hard to make sure he’s covered up appropriately especially when I am using my baby sling.

Baby Carrier Cover? Yes, please!

Just the other day, I got caught in a rain shower and had to use my scarf to prevent my son from getting wet, but this was far from ideal. What I really needed was a BundleBean Go, and luckily, I now have one to protect the baby from the elements while we are out and about – for the baby carrier and for the pram.

Bundle Bean Go | My Travel Monkey

What is a BundleBean Go?

A BundleBean Go is a great alternative to costly footmuffs or cosy toes. This universal waterproof and windproof cover fits snugly on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and carriers/slings.  It also opens out flat as a travel picnic rug or play mat and fits all ages from newborn to 4 years+.

What I loved about using the BundleBean Go was how easy it was to attach to the sling, and then remove when I went inside the shops. Plus I particularly love the eye-catching design. The underside is a soft, breathable fleecy material, while the top side is waterproof. Meanwhile, it was easy to fold up and put away and store under the pram.

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Safety first with BundleBean Go…

It is natural, especially in cold weather, for parents to want to wrap their babies up in snowsuits. However, babies overheating during the day has now been linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Whereas previously it was just thought that overheating a night was a danger, research has shown overheating during the day can be just as lethal.

Parents are being urged to choose layers and blankets rather than one thick outer layer to keep their baby warm during the cold weather. A baby can overheat in minutes in a snowsuit whilst in a sling as the baby is receiving heat from the person carrying them. So experts are urging parents to just dress baby normally with one blanket over them instead.

BundleBean Go is the perfect solution. They can be fitted quickly to a car seat, pram, sling or bike keeping baby warm and dry whilst outside and can be easily removed when you go inside. Plus they’re reasonably priced too at just £34.99 from all good retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent a BundleBean Go for the purposes of this review