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Why Join?

I have a vision…

I want My Travel Monkey to provide a comprehensive and thorough guide to family-friendly destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants across the globe.

Having spoken to so many families with children, we all agree that information on family-friendly travel can be a bit hit and miss, and, at best, hidden amongst piles of other articles.

And the one thing busy parents don’t have is time – time to waste trawling through endless websites.

I am only one person, and can only bring so many new reports. So this is where you come in!

Do you have an article that champions a particular destination, perhaps a hotel review, or particular day out or an attraction that you’ve enjoyed? Perhaps you have a city guide that showcases kid-friendly things to do there? Or travel inspiration for adventurous families?

My Travel Monkey would love you to join and submit your blogs posts, so not only can we create an exceptional database for everyone to use, but you can also drive traffic back to your own site.
I will publish an excerpt with a link back to your blog and the full post, and also share your post across my social media channels.

It really is that simple, and hopefully, over time, we can build a fantastic family travel resource, as well as a wonderful community of travel bloggers. Plus with numbers come opportunities – which I hope to be able to share with all who join.

You can start submitting your posts straight away by registering above. I look forward to working with you!