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Trunki is synonymous with kids and holidays. You can’t go to the airport now and not see little ones being pulled along on their Trunki suitcases. We brought Monkey a fire-engine case for our trip to Tenerife last year and it was brilliant for keeping his toys, colouring books and puzzles all in one place – and a useful seat for him when he became too tired. Even though their colourful suitcases are so iconic now – Trunki do sell a wide range of products that can help parents travelling with children, from car seats (which we review here) and travel pillows, to reins and storage solutions. So when Trunki asked if we would like to review their PaddlePak, we couldn’t resist giving it a go – seeing as we are out and about so often.

Trunki Reviews: The PaddlePak

What is a Trunki PaddlePak? Put simply, this backpack for children is lightweight, waterproof and available in lots of fun colours and characters. We went for the Chuckles or ‘Nemo’ Pak as Monkey called it when he first set eyes on the bag. After unwrapping it, I was instantly impressed with all the features that it has, including:

Trunki Reviews: PaddlePak Features

Trunki Reviews | My Travel Monkey

Trunki Reviews: PaddlePak features

The bag also has a hanging hook, high visibility reflective strip and breakaway safety buckle. But the best part of this fun backpack is the ingenuous roll-top close, designed in such a way that water cannot get into the Pak, therefore protecting all the contents inside from the elements – and stopping anything leaking out from the inside. Which is why the PaddlePak is perfect for trips to the seaside, on holiday or to the swimming baths.My Travel Monkey

Monkey isn’t really keen on carrying bags, but I was quite surprised by how he took to it and insisted that he pack an assortment of toys for our day trip.

Trunki Swimbag | My Travel Monkey

As Monkey is so small for his age, I was worried that the straps on the bag wouldn’t fit him properly. But because the PaddlePak range starts from the ages of 2 years and up, the straps adjusted and fit his tiny shoulders perfectly. It was clearly comfortable because he didn’t complain once.

Paddlepak | My Travel Monkey

Out and About With the Trunki Backpack

However, the big test was when we were out and about. After filling the Trunki PaddlePak with his toys, there was still plenty of room for me to add a spare change of clothes, a small bottle of water and some wet wipes. Amazingly, it fit inside and the bag didn’t feel too heavy or over full. Monkey was quite happy carrying it around on our walk.Trunki Backpack | My Travel Monkey

Monkey even took it off by himself and placed it down, before asking me to open it, so he could get something out.

Trunki PaddlePak | My Travel Monkey

Final verdict of the Trunki PaddlePak

We knew he liked it when he went for a swing, and I put it down on the floor. “Mummy, please move my bag off the mud, or it will get dirty,” he instructed me.

So success all round – and even though we only took it out on a walk, I have a feeling we’ll be using it a lot for his swimming trips and when we go on holiday. It will be the perfect bag for him to take when we go on the beach or laze by the swimming pool. Plus, the added bonus is he actually likes carrying it himself. In fact, since his Trunki reviews, he has used it mainly as his swimming bag – which has been very useful!

The Trunki PaddlePak costs from £14.99 and is available in a variety of designs from different retailers. Personally, I think for all the little features you get with it, it’s good value for money.

* Disclosure: We were sent a Trunki PaddlePak  for the purposes of this review but, as always, my opinions are all my own.