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Travelling the world is a great excuse to discover new places, enjoy new experiences and have adventures. Taking photos of your travels is all part of the fun, but thanks to social media such as Instagram and the internet, the pressure to take incredible travel photos is at an all-time high.  If your photography skills are lacking, the good news is that it’s easy to up your game. Take a look at these easy travel photography tips for beginners to improve your travel photography so you can take perfect photos of your trip, every single time.

Get a good camera

Having a camera that takes high-quality photos is a great way to make sure that get rich, detailed photos. The good news is that most smartphones are really up to the job, allowing you to take some amazing travel photos. A phone camera that has a wide-angle lens will help you capture some incredible scenes – my iPhone 11 ha as 2MP Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras which take awesome images.

If you want to take it to the next level, invest in a DSLR camera. A photography for beginners cheats sheet can help you learn more about photography basics to help you improve the way you take photos.

Learn how to work with lighting

Lighting is everything for photographs! Your best lighting will usually come in the morning, while the pre-sunset ‘golden hour’ is also a fantastic time to take your photos. These periods also tend to be quieter, too, which is great to take shots without fighting against a crowd. You can adjust your exposure settings to compensate for lighting that’s too bright or too dark, but try not to go too far either side to avoid spoiling your photos. Take a couple of test shots and adjust your settings to help you get the perfect lighting.  

Get handy with editing

Learning how to edit your photos will help to make them pop. From making the colours more vibrant to strengthening the clarity, you can make your travel photography extra special. There are various types of editing software you can use to edit your photos, including the editing tools already included on your phone. Programmes like Adobe Lightroom are a professional choice and can be easy to use once you’ve practised.

Be sure to show off your work

After taking some amazing photographs from your travels, the next step is to show them off! While you can use your social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to display the world your photos, it’s also nice to exhibit them at home. Invest in some picture frames and fill them with your favourite photos from your travels. Who needs to pay for artwork when you can have your own?

Just keep practising

As with anything, the more you practice travel photography, the better you’ll be. Knowing how to frame a photo and capture the right moment is vital, but this is easily done with travel photography, particularly landscapes. To help you get some practice in, why not check out some travel inspiration? You’ll be taking expert travel photos in no time to help you capture the incredible memories from your adventures.