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Every year parents are faced with the challenge of finding a fun-filled, family holiday that isn’t going to completely break the bank – but how do you get the best school holiday deals? As you know, one of my huge bugbears is that travel companies whack up the prices of their package holidays during school holidays, and this results in families paying ridiculous prices just to get some time away together.

I have always been an advocate of travelling with children and how it’s not only educational but also a great bonding experience for the whole family. Now that Monkey is in school, it has shocked me how steep the prices go up outside of term time – and I am one of those parents who believe it is a necessary evil to take children out of school in order to go away.

But I can also understand the reluctance of those parents who don’t want to flout the rules, or risk being fined. Unfortunately, though, this gives these families no other option but to pay the higher ‘peak’ time prices for their yearly getaway.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. There are always ways around extortionate prices and, with a bit of research, you can easily get a family holiday on a budget.   

How to find the best school holiday deals

European car rental providers, Autoclick, wants to help families look for an affordable holiday, so we’ve teamed up to put together the best tips and tricks on how to find the best school holiday deals. Find out the best ways to source flights, hotels and package deals and avoid spending a penny more than you absolutely have to.

Shop around

There are different ways to pull together your family holiday. The easiest and most convenient route is to head straight to your local travel agent, however, this is usually the most costly. More and more people are discovering how best to utilise the internet and its variety of holiday comparison sites, to get the best holiday at the lowest price. Families tend to go for the traditional package holiday, but mixing and matching might be the answer to all their holiday booking problems.

January sales

By shopping around and finding the best deals on flights, accommodation and car rental individually, you could be saving £100s per person. Take advantage of January sales on flights, or if you know when you want to fly later on in the year, make sure you book flights 11 months to the day to secure the best prices – which is what we’ve done on our Christmas trip to South Africa later this year. You can also go directly to your accommodation provider to get the lowest prices. 

Use Comparison sites

To save even more, take a look at several travel comparison sites, like Expedia and Travelsupermarket. These sites do all the hunting for you, serving you the best deals found on the internet. It’s important to compare the comparison sites as well, as you will usually find that one site has lower prices than the others.

Rental cars

The final way to save and get the holiday that the entire family can enjoy is by investing in a rental car. Hiring a car can offer you an added sense of flexibility to your holiday, saving you time and money instead of using public transport. Even the cheapest public transport can add up when you are paying for a family and not all transport is reliable. Getting car hire will allow you to save long-term and allow you to visit the places you want to see when you want to see them.

To avoid getting into trouble with your children’s schools and avoid sky-high, school holiday prices, why not give a few of these tips and tricks a try to see get the best school holiday deals.

* Post written in collaboration with Autoclick