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The last time I was in the Caribbean was over eight years ago. I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding in Antigua and since those wonderful 10 days, I haven’t been back…

Barbados with kids

If I were to choose a tropical paradise to return to, then Barbados would be high on my list. The island’s beaches and swaying palm trees; its heady mixture of West African, Caribbean and English Heritage; the famous Bajan welcome, plus its rum punch and pink sands attract thousands of British holidaymakers every year.

If you’re looking for glamorous beach resorts, and some of the best hotels and restaurants in the Caribbean, then Barbados has it all. Want to get away from the crowds? Well you can, if you take a trip to the east coast, where you’ll discover unspoiled territory with only a few places to stay.

Meanwhile, head into UNESCO World Heritage capital, Bridgetown, and learn about the island’s colourful history; and take a stroll in the stunning botanical gardens, as well as wandering the nature trails and plantation houses nestled in the island’s interior.

Holiday Inspiration: Top Things To Do in Barbados With Kids

Is Barbados really somewhere you can take the kids? There’s no denying there’s an extravagant feel to the majority of resorts, but that doesn’t mean families and their children aren’t welcome… far from it. Not only do most of them cater for children of all ages from kids’ menus, clubs and specially tailored activities.

However, for those families looking to combine luxurious accommodation with more freedom, rented homes are also a popular choice in Barbados. has several breathtaking properties situated in the west coast. Imagine lounging by a private pool and the kids making as much noise as they like! Top Villa’s top-notch services also mean you get the feel of a home away from home – they can organise personal chefs, private dining and babysitting, as well as car rentals and family day trips. Sounds like the dream… So you really can do Barbados with kids…

Holiday Inspiration: Top Things To Do in Barbados With Kids

Barbados is a wonderful family destination for children of all ages. So, whether you’re staying in a hotel or in a Top Villa, there are a great number of attractions, places to visit and wildlife to explore as a family including:

Going underground 

Delve into the depths of Harrison’s Caves and trek along the nature trails. You can catch a glimpse of native birds and maybe even a green monkey. There’s vehicle fun, too, when you have to board a tram to tour Harrison’s Cave, but you’re allowed to hop off and walk alongside one of its most spectacular waterfalls.

Swimming with sea turtles

Take a day-long boat outing and snorkel over coral and with sea turtles. Barbados Excursions offer trips – ideal for families who want to go out on smaller boats. You can sail on a catamaran, enjoy lunch and swim with lots and lots of turtles!

Holiday Inspiration: Top Things To Do in Barbados With Kids

Playing with sea anemones

Found inside the Animal Flower Cave’s tidal pools on the northern tip of the island. Stone steps lead to caves with narrow, natural pools and a coral floor believed to be hundreds of thousands of years old.

Sailing the high seas!

Pretend you’re a pirate and take a lunchtime cruise aboard the Jolly Roger I, with its pirate sails, rope swings, planks to walk and BBQ buffet. Swimming stops include turtle and fish feedings.

Watching Green Monkeys

Get up close and personal with Barbados’ famous Green Monkeys in a beautiful mahogany forest and reserved habitat at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The animals, with the exception of the very large pythons and boas, are not caged and go about their daily business as if they were completely in the wild.

Holiday Inspiration: Top Things To Do in Barbados With Kids

Riding a submarine

Go deep underwater and dive to the deepest depths of Barbados’ marine life without even getting wet! Go aboard a real-life submarine and see colourful tropical fish, coral reefs and shipwrecks. A night trip sees after-dark critters and rare predators come out in force.

* This list was compiled in association with Top Villas. Images courtesy of Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc.