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If it wasn’t chilly enough in January, then we had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the ‘Beast from the East’. Although it was so very cold, there is something quite magical about the snow and, seeing the children’s unadulterated pleasure playing in the powdery white flakes, brought a huge smile to my face. Monkey’s excitement was palpable, especially when school shut so he finally had a snow day, and we managed to find a sledge and take him sledging with friends.

The February Digest: The Beast, BBC Surrey and Half Term Fun

Every time I felt chilly, I had to remind myself of all the poor people who are sleeping rough on the streets, or those who were stranded on the roads or on trains, and those who had lost power in their homes. It made us feel a little more helpful to check in on some of our more elderly neighbours, and we discovered the sense of community spirit really does come to the fore in times of need.

Before the big chill, the weather was actually pretty decent, with blues skies and sunshine during Monkey’s half term week. After finally brushing off our holiday blues (South Africa was too good a family trip!) we decided that fish and chips and some salty sea air would do us all a world of good. Without hesitation, we headed straight to our seaside of choice – Whitstable in Kent. Grabbing some food and eating it beside the harbour, we thoroughly enjoyed our chippy lunch, a bracing walk along the seafront and some ice-cream.

The February Digest: The Beast, BBC Surrey and Half Term Fun

Later in the week, we finally made it to a local beauty spot, Leith Hill. The views were spectacular and it was a joy to discover this National Trust gem right on our doorstep. It’s a great reminder that you don’t have to venture too far from home in order to enjoy the beautiful countryside.The February Digest: The Beast, BBC Surrey and Half Term Fun

In the middle of the month, I received a surprising but welcome phone call from BBC Radio Surrey. They had heard about me and My Travel Monkey and wanted to get me on a segment called My Life. It was a nerve-racking experience – as I’ve never been on radio before and as my friends will all agree, I do have a tendency to let slip a few choice words! Thankfully, the interview went well, and I didn’t swear on air. If you’d like to listen to it, it’s below. Let me know what you think…

I can’t quite believe we’re already in March. It seem so long ago last year that myself and 13 other family travel bloggers agreed to go on a long weekend to Tuscany in Italy with Bookings For You. We’re in for a real treat, so I’ll look forward to sharing what we get up to, as well as the absolutely breathtaking villa we’ll be staying in…

The February Digest: The Beast, BBC Surrey and Half Term Fun

Until then, wishing you all a fabulous March, and let’s hope the effects of the Beast soon disappear for everyone…