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Road trips are a great way to really get to the heart of a destination. It also gives families the freedom to come and go as they please – stay longer if somewhere captures your heart or leave if the feeling isn’t so favourable.  Trish from Mum’s Gone To shares her road trip to Sweden with us and I hope her experiences will help you plan a Sweden Itinerary if you’re planning a trip to Scandinavia.

A Sweden Itinerary Suggestion

What do you look for in a holiday?

I used to be a beach lover, happy to just soak up the sun. When my son was little we loved to be beside the seaside as it was always so much easier to entertain him. As he became older, we enjoyed city breaks as a family, visiting places such as Rome and Berlin. A smidgen of excitement is good, especially our daredevil exploits in Iceland, trying out white-water rafting and snowmobiling.  Now, as empty nesters, my husband and I enjoy walking and sightseeing though we did try skiing for the first time last winter so maybe more adrenaline-fuelled holidays are still on the cards.

Where did you go?

A few years ago we decided to have a summer road trip around the southern part of Sweden.

Why did you choose Sweden?

We were in love with Scandinavia and couldn’t get enough of the cool Scandi vibe. It was so much fun planning our Sweden itinerary. 

Who went?

I travelled with my husband, Dougie and teenage son, Rory.

Holiday Snapshots #51 Sweden

Where did you stay?

I planned the holiday, choosing to stay in five locations including cities, lakes and the coast. We flew to Stockholm where we stayed for four nights then hired a car for the rest of the trip. Our car was a large Volvo Estate which we nicknamed The Big Brown Bear.

Tell us about your Sweden accommodation…

The five hotels were booked individually on a bed and breakfast basis. I spent hours choosing them to align with our Sweden itinerary, using review sites to find recommended hotels which each had something different to offer. For example, the Nobis Hotel in Stockholm had previously been a bank which, in the 1970s, had been the location for a very famous hostage situation.

Are there plenty of activities for the kids?

Stockholm itself is a brilliant city for children. My son enjoyed taking boat trips to the islands and travelling on the trams across the city. It’s ideal for younger kids as the island of Djurgarden, in the capital’s harbour, is home to many fascinating museums and an amusement park.

Elsewhere in the country, there were lakes, beaches and Sweden’s answer to Stonehenge. It was an educational trip as well as a fun one.

A family road trip in Sweden | My Travel Monkey

Your most memorable moment of the trip?

With the long summer evenings, we joined the Swedes in staying outside as long as possible. Even when it gets chilly, they prefer to remain outdoors, eating their dinner whilst wrapped up in fleece blankets.

Stockholm Spirit Museum | My Travel Monkey

Any sights, activities you want to shout about?

We loved the pretty town of Ystad on the south coast where the TV detective series, Wallander, is based. Thankfully crime was low the summer we were there! My favourite museum was the Spirit Museum in Stockholm, which focuses on the Swedish people’s relationship with alcohol. We experienced the pain and pleasure of drinking by sniffing different vodkas and entering a hangover room.

Was it Sweden good value for money?

Scandinavia isn’t cheap so meals can be expensive. But choosing the hotels ourselves meant we could save money on one or two budget ones and allow ourselves a little splurge on the others. Our flights were pretty cheap too: Ryanair to Stockholm but returning from Malmo. 

Your top tip/s for the area?

It’s easy to drive around Sweden: there isn’t much traffic and everyone is very relaxed. The temperature in the summer isn’t too hot so it’s ideal for sightseeing.

Lake Vattern Lighthouse | MyTravel Monkey

Which photo is your favourite and why?

Having walked around the fortress of Karlsborg, on the edge of Lake Vattern, we took a quieter path and ended up at the most beautiful tiny lighthouse. No-one else was there apart from us and there was a magical quality about spending time in this idyllic setting. I love this photo because it captures the excitement of a teenager becoming a little boy again, racing towards the lighthouse where his dad is waiting.

Would you recommend visiting Sweden?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Sweden. The people were kind and the country has so much unspoilt, natural beauty.  We have continued to travel in Nordic countries – we love the space and the stylish, chilled atmosphere.

Holiday Snapshots #51 Sweden