Ahhh, June. It’s that time of the year where I have to celebrate both my hubby and my mum’s birthdays, the weather gets warmer (sometimes) and Wimbledon Tennis begins… Which can only mean one thing… British Strawberries are in season! I love strawberries – on their own, with cream, ice cream, yoghurt and dipped in chocolate. You get my drift. I’m a fan. And so, it happens, is my son.

He’s not a great vegetable eater, but thankfully, he loves his fruit, which may have something to do with a pregnant me obsessively gorging on those fruit pots from M&S during his time in the oven. Or the fact that he takes after his father – and millions of other kids around the world – he has a seriously sweet tooth.

My poor monkey has just got over a terrible bout of the chicken pox. It covered every square inch of him, and it broke my heart to see his beautiful face and body marked so hideously and for him to be so poorly. It was also a long quarantine, holed up at home, with nothing to do. So when the scabs finally came, it was time for us to leave the confines of our abode and head into the public domain.016c639b712f4a7ad4e1806815d1cbb0320db2b666

With the promise of lots of strawberries and eton mess, we headed to Crockford Bridge Farm in Addlestone, Surrey, which is open throughout the whole year and has, dependent on what is in season, 20 different vegetable and fruit crops available for picking. For instance, during October you can get your own pumpkins, but rhubarb, gooseberries and spinach alongside the strawberries where ready to be picked.

It’s a fairly simple process. You go to the PYO hut, choose the container size you wish to stuff full and head into the fields. As we were passing people laden with the most succulent, red, berries, D became more and more excited – even attempting to pick squashed ones off the floor.

We had so much fun trying to find the biggest strawberries, and by heck, were there big ‘uns. We never felt crowded the whole time we were picking and there was certainly plenty for everyone. Hubby decided that it was imperative that we fill our huge container to the brim. D also took great delight in helping/eating. I did try to stop him, but he only had a few…


Once we were done, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with so many, as we headed back to the car to drop them off, before going to a little playground, where several families had pitched up for a picnic. We brought some delicious treats from the ice cream hut, which was doing a roaring trade, and enjoyed eating them in the sunshine.

Fotor0608213419Later, we headed to the farm shop which had my eyes on stalks, as there was so much gorgeous produce and yummy goods on offer. This  time, it was I who had to be dragged away… into the garden centre. Which, as some of you know, is now one of my favourite places to hang out in. I was delighted to be browse a new one – while D enjoyed finding the scarecrows and playing in the little soft play room attached.Fotor060821525

All in all a great day out and a great way for D to understand where some of his food actually comes from. Plus, for nearly a whole basket worth of fresh strawberries for under a tenner, we couldn’t really grumble at the price!