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While not a lot of ‘travel’ actually happened last month, September was still full to the brim with lots of busy events. And although we didn’t venture too far from home, I still feel like we crammed so much in.

It was Monkey’s seventh birthday a few weeks back. It really felt like a milestone for us – no longer is he a little boy anymore, but so grown up – independent, quite hilariously sarcastic and has a great gang of friends, who we took to the cinema and for a pizza to celebrate.

The September Digest | My Travel Monkey

He was desperate for a brand new purple bike – his favourite colour – so when he saw it on his birthday morning and was speechless, we knew he was over the moon. He was totally spoiled by everyone and we spent the weekend celebrating. I was quite exhausted afterwards.

Now that Monkey is in Year 2 at school, you can only imagine how many clubs he now is part of, how many birthday parties he has to attend, and he’s also joined a local football team – which means every weekend now he either has training or is playing in matches. He loves it, but it also means that impromptu trips away or days out have to fit around home life, catching up with friends and family and life admin. So they have been put on the backburner a little, much to my chagrin.

The September Digest | My Travel Monkey

I’ve also been doing lots of fun things with Peanut, now that Monkey is back at school. We’ve been going for lots of walks, to the park and his favourite – our local soft play farm which is such a great way to tire him out for his afternoon nap! My littlest guy is also growing up way too fast – so I am making sure I savour every moment of it.

The September Digest | My Travel Monkey

It’s hideously boring I know in terms of being able to write exciting things for the blog, but it is what it is – and we do actually have plenty of exciting adventures coming up and those include a week with Visit County Durham in October half-term for their stargazing festival and a weekend with Visit Bristol to explore their Christmas attractions in November.

Meanwhile, the husband and I are also returning to Las Vegas next month and celebrating my bestest pal’s 40th birthday. We have tons planned but the biggest thing is flying over the Grand Canyon – which we never got to do on our last trip. I can’t wait!

The September Digest | My Travel Monkey

The only other upside to having a quiet month in terms of travel is that I begin looking in earnest at what we are going to do in 2019. We have many possible trips in the pipeline (some of which I am not allowed to mention yet!) but there are also some that booked in including Monaco (for me to celebrate the big 4-0), Dubrovnik, Croatia, in May and I am researching and finalising plans for an epic road trip across France into Spain during the Summer. Watch this space!

So on that note, apologies that my round-up hasn’t been hugely packed to the brim, but it’s been lovely for me to share some of the trips coming up for the MTM family. And you know me, I am always happiest when travel planning!