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The last few weeks have passed me by like a whirlwind. We’re finally in our new house, but as anyone who has moved will know, particularly with a young family, it’s been somewhat stressful and I am relieved that I can finally settle down and attempt to make it feel like a home. Those boxes won’t unpack themselves!

So with that in mind – looking back to the past month, I was a little surprised that I managed to fit in some lovely days out amidst all the organising and list making.

The first day trip Peanut and I went on was at the seaside. It was lovely meeting up with fellow family travel blogging friends Cathy from Mummy Travels and Maria from One Tiny Leap. We had a delicious seafood lunch at Riddle & Finns along the seafront and the sun was shining… What more could we ask for?The September Digest: Beach and London Hangouts and Countryside Delights

I hadn’t been to Brighton for a while, so it was lovely reacquainting myself with the town – we walked along The Lanes, as well as the Royal Pavilion, and I was amazed at the buzzing atmosphere even on early week lunchtime.

When we were invited to an event my friend had organised at Tablehurst Farm in East Sussex, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was one of those days where we were all pleasantly surprised. Tablehurst is a 500 acre organic and biodynamic farm and vegetable garden with a fantastic cafe as well as a small playground.

The September Digest: Beach and London Hangouts and Countryside Delights

My friend had helped put on a Celebration day where members of the community could meet local farmers, and sample amazing organic food. We got roped into cooking on the BBQ but later we got to eat some of the food, which was utterly scrummy from homemade sausage rolls to pulled pork, and everyone, including the kids, had a blast. Monkey loved the hay bales, the tractors and running around the open spaces, as well as looking at the farm animals. We left with a whole lot of produce from the farm shop and a good reminder that we should try to make more of an effort to support British farmers.

The September Digest: Beach and London Hangouts and Countryside Delights

It was Monkey’s sixth birthday and we made sure we tried to accommodate his requests as much as possible. He wanted a football party with his friends, as well as a birthday meal at our local Smith & Western. If you’ve never heard of this small chain of American joints, it’s good fun. Cowboy hats, jails, loud music and sparklers, Monkey was impressed with the super-sized sundae he was presented! We couldn’t eat it all.

The September Digest: Beach and London Hangouts and Countryside Delights

The Southbank in London is an area I know very well, having worked there for over a decade. But even I was surprised to find small pockets I hadn’t ever seen before including this Stik mural depicting life from a baby to adulthood. Close to the London Eye, it’s hidden under a walkway which I have never used, preferring to walk along the river. I’ll be more aware next time of using different routes.

I joined a London Instagram walk, an event organised alongside Brit Mums Live – an annual blogging conference for UK parenting bloggers. Even though I didn’t attend the actual conference itself, I was invited onboard a City Cruise for the BritMums Blogging Awards.

I enjoyed meeting up with lots of blogging friends but, as you all know, the best was yet to come when I won The Travel Blogger Award!

The September Digest: Beach and London Hangouts and Countryside Delights

I have struggled trying to concentrate on My Travel Monkey alongside looking after a young family of late, but this accolade has given me a renewed confidence and I hope you’ll see that as time goes on.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support. I do appreciate it.