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If you travel a lot, then an empty house will come as part of the package. But have you ever considered utilising your property and making it pay for some of your wanderlust? I know I certainly have. In fact, after much thought, research, and chatting to friends who have gone down this fairly profitable route, we have done just that and offered up our house on Airbnb for any dates that we know we’ll be away – or would be happy be away. To me, it’s a no brainer! 

How To Rent Out Your Home While Travelling

It makes perfect sense to rent our your home while travelling, or even letting like-minded travellers or families stay at your property through home holiday swap sites. Why? Well, essentially you’ll get free accommodation in the destination of your choice and so will your guests. It really is a win-win.

But has the thought of letting strangers staying in your home put you off? Or perhaps you’re concerned about having to do tons of cleaning and work before guests come? These are definitely factors that need to be taken into consideration but a lot of these can be dealt with quickly and easily. Here is a quick guide to on how to rent out your home while travelling.

Who gives your guests the keys?

If you have neighbours and family nearby that you trust, then this would be a great option. However, instead of having to rely on people or put them out, if they’re busy, why not invest in a coded key safe? Not only have we stayed in several rental homes who have them, but they’re great if you ever lock yourself out, or lose a set of keys – which we have done on many times.

What if I don’t have time to clean?

In fairness, I think this could apply to most people. It’s not just a normal house clean that needs to be done, it really does need to be sparkling and fresh, including clean bed linen, towels, fridges and cupboards. When you weigh up your time versus what you will gain from renting out your home, it makes sense to hire professionals, who will be able to spruce up your home in no time but take the stress away from you. Many rental sites including Airbnb also let you add the cost of the cleaning to the fee.

Critique your home as a guest would

Think carefully about what your guests will need. Will they need information on how to work specific electronics in the house? Do they need codes for WI-Fi or instructions on how to turn on the heating? All this information can be printed out in a booklet which will let them relax and you less stressed knowing they’ve got all that they need.

Consider removing anything that is valuable and breakable, and put throws or blankets over sofas and chairs, if you’re concerned about marks or spillages. The same can be said for your floors. If you have light-coloured carpets that are easily stained or engineered wood flooring that you’re afraid will be scuffed, then it might be worth buying very cheap rugs to cover up high-traffic areas.

Be firm about house rules

When you list your home, if you have some specific rules such as no pets or no shoes in the house, then make sure these are noted and either written with the rental listing or given to them directly. That way potential guests will know what is expected and that they will be liable for costs should there be any accidents or mishaps.

Get insured

If you are renting out your own home, then regular home insurance may not cover damage caused by guests. Of course, there should be a damage waiver and deposit that you take from guests which will be included with most rental listing companies. But it is worth getting the right home and contents insurance that will cover holiday lettings. Also, check also how much you’re covered for if you list with sites such as Airbnb or HomeAway.

Store Away Personal Items

When you are in a holiday rental, it can feel strange if you’re surrounded by lots of photos of people yo don’t know. The same goes for you. Having too many personal items on display can be uncomfortable for guests, so keep things simple and clear them away. Apply this method to your toiletries, old letters and anything with personal data on it. Pack them in boxes and leave them in the loft, spare room, garage, or cupboard that can be locked.