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I’ve always loved travelling and exploring new places. Before I became a travel blogger, going away and partaking in a trip was a wholly different experience. Dare I even admit, a more relaxed affair? Certainly for my husband at least! Now when I go on holiday or a city break there is never really a point that I can truly, 100% switch off – which some would say is a bad thing – after all, the whole point of getting away or taking some family time is to unwind. But because I’m not the ‘type’ to just sit still for too long this doesn’t matter so much to me. I like being on the go.

Being A Family Travel Blogger

I blog because I enjoy it. It isn’t my full-time profession and I don’t earn much from doing it, but it can be so rewarding in so many different ways: From the unique experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy with family and friends, to working hard on a pitch and getting a positive response from the company I want to work with.

But best of all is the travel itself. There would be no point me doing it unless I had a deep-rooted passion for it.

However, now that I am a family travel blogger there are some things that are a given now when I go away, and the reality isn’t always as it first appears on a polished, published article: Such as a refusal from my son to go somewhere when I’ve spent time researching and planning a trip. Or a meltdown from him because he can’t have a toy after walking through the souvenir shop; Or the time we went cycling in Thailand and he complained two minutes into the journey that he wanted to get off the bike and stay in the van. Others include:

Not eating straightaway

When we dine out, no one is able to tuck into their food before I’ve taken at least 20 photos of the dishes we’ve ordered… My husband despairs, especially when he’s hungry!

The Reality of Being A Family Travel Blogger | My Travel Monkey

The back view…

I’m always walking 10 paces behind my husband, my son and my friends – trying to capture some action shots. Trailing behind has become somewhat the norm.

Where’s Ting?

I’m never in any photos. Ever.

Paraphernalia hoarder

My husband now saves receipts from restaurants just in case I forget the names of them. If I spy a tourist office, I can’t leave without a stack of leaflets. If we go anywhere now, I will pocket any useful documentation from maps and guides. I then tend to forget about them and find them all stuffed in my bag or the car.

The Reality of Being A Family Travel Blogger | My Travel Monkey

Wi-fi worshipper

If there’s wi-fi available, I’m like a moth to a flame… Checking all my social media, uploading new photos, seeing what everyone in the world is up to. I wish this wasn’t the case, that I could turn it off, but travel bloggers are always attached to their tech.

First in the room!

I won’t let anyone go into a hotel room, apartment or villa first because I need to take photos of the accommodation when it’s clean and free of clutter. It’s highly frustrating for the people standing behind me with their luggage!

The Reality of Being A Family Travel Blogger | My Travel Monkey

Penny watching

While we are fortunate to be able to go away several times a year – it doesn’t mean we have piles of cash to spend. In fact, being a travel blogger means I have to make my pounds stretch and go that extra mile. Budgeting is par for the course, particularly when you have a family. Sometimes we can’t do everything we want to do due to financial constraints, which means picking and choosing carefully.

Sightseeing guilt

When you go away somewhere new, there is going to be an element of sightseeing – famous attractions and sights that have to be seen. Even more so when you’re a travel blogger. I think my husband would rather chill out more than go traipsing around here, there and everywhere. If I don’t get to see everything I planned to, I get the travel blogger guilt: “What? We didn’t see that amazing temple/gallery/museum? – I don’t have a photo for the blog!!”  I should learn that it’s pretty much impossible to see everything…

The Reality of Being A Family Travel Blogger | My Travel MonkeyAre there any idiosyncrasies that you have when you go away? Are you a family travel blogger who agrees with my points – I hope I’m not alone in these!