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I’m always on the lookout for practical and stylish travel products to use. So when Swiss bag company Qwstion asked if I wanted to road test their latest design, I took the opportunity to put their daypack travel shopper to the test.


Qwstion was born when its founders realised that there was nothing on the market that worked like a functional sports bag but also looked elegant and fashionable. Their desire to create products that are for everyday use and independent in style led to the development of bags that work just as well on a bicycle as in a business meeting.

QWSTION Travel Shopper Review and Giveaway Worth £80

Qwstion daypack come travel shopper

The Qwstion Travel Shopper is their latest innovation. Created in conjunction with leading Swiss product designer Sibylle Stœckli, the bag is perfect for journeys near or far and can be worn in a multiple of different ways – daypack, tote and shopper.

What struck me first was how small, lightweight and compact it is. The Qwstion Travel Shopper comes as a zipped up purse – so not only is it able to packed away in any suitcase or handbag – but if you can’t take much with you – it’s perfect as an extra. I know that when we go away, I try to restrict as much carry-on luggage I have, which often leaves me lacking with something to use while I am actually on my trip and the Qwstion Travel Shopper would be perfect for a city break or even for the beach.

It doesn’t take long to unfold the Qwstion Travel Shopper, which is made from nylon, is waterproof and comes in three colours – volcano, moon and forest.

QWSTION Travel Shopper Review and Giveaway Worth £80

Qwstion worn in different ways

And it was relatively simple to adjust the straps to its different carrying options – as a rucksack or Qwstion daypack, perfect when you need to be hands-free; a stylish tote bag; and then over the shoulder.

QWSTION Travel Shopper Review and Giveaway Worth £80

I commute into London every day for work and decided to use the bag on my journey. Not only where the inside zip compartments really useful to segregate my phone, travel cards and keys – it meant I didn’t have to rummage around trying to find these items when I needed them quickly.

I also found there was plenty of room inside to fit all my items, from my kindle, purse, wallet, scarf, umbrella and makeup bag – with extra space for anything else I needed to pick up throughout the day. What made it great was the option of quickly slinging it over my shoulder on my lunch break when I stepped out but then using it as a backpack on the walk to the station to catch the train home. The straps are easily adjustable, too, while the zip across the top, means it felt safe and secure. Once home, and after emptying the contents, it took me just a few minutes to figure out how to fold the bag up again into a purse.

QWSTION Travel Shopper Review and Giveaway Worth £80

Overall impression of Qwstion

The Qwstion Travel Shopper is a simple but effectively designed bag which has many uses. It really is ideal for travel, but would work well as an everyday bag, too. Not only is it spacious and secure, but it’s also stylish. The price is high – at £80 – but if you travel or go overseas a lot for business, it’s certainly a handy piece to have – particularly as it’s made from durable fabric. Meanwhile, Qwstion is a brand that is synonymous with forward-thinking, cutting edge practical design, so you’re also paying for the name.