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In this digital age, we expect everything and anything at the touch of a button. There is one thing, however, I am still quite old-fashioned about – and those are my photographs.

As much as I love using my iPhone to capture special moments while we are out and about and on holiday or travelling, I still try to print photos and put them in an album – the operative word being try!

But I am sure you’ll agree, that there is nothing more special than sitting down with a cup of tea, opening up a photobook and taking a trip down memory lane.

However, the process can take a prolonged period of time, editing the photos, getting them printed and then inserting them into an album. It’s no wonder photos are often forgotten about and left unseen on a digital cloud on a laptop or smartphone.

Printastic App

But now, thanks to a new app called Printastic, putting together all your photos into one personalised photo book couldn’t be easier.

Printastic Photobook Discount Code! My Travel MonkeyThe Printastic app was created by two dads who wanted to design a service that is simple to use. With Printastic, it’s easy to build books with up to 200 pages, then edit the page layouts (choose from one to four photos per page), re-order photos and add captions, with minimal effort. And the best thing? The app is free to download from the App Store.

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Printastic is a great option for parents, and for anybody who finds themselves taking most of their photos from a smartphone.  Instead of all those images getting forgotten about, users can pull them into a photo book which they can enjoy time and time again.

Printastic Photobook Discount Code! My Travel MonkeyPrices start from an affordable £19.99 for a 24-page book, but if you download the app and enter in promo code TravelMonkey10 you’ll get 10% off every order you make. What have you got to lose? Try it today with this Printastic Photobook Promo code.

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