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UNESCO sitePetra in Jordan or the Rose City is a fantastical archealogical site made famous by so many Hollywood films, most notably, Indian Jones and The Last Crusade. For such a long time now I’ve wanted to explore the immense maze of  honeycomb of hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs. But is Petra for kids?

Well, yes. Of course, like any other historical site, it’s just a matter of preparation, which is what Laura from Life With Baby Kicks discovered when she went to visit Petra with kids. Find out how she managed to enjoy the UNESCO site with a toddler!

What do you look for in a holiday?

We look for a little bit of everything all rolled into one, for example one of my favourite trips was to South East Asia where one day we were exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat before heading to the beautiful beaches of Ko Phi Phi to relax, to exploring the street food markets in Kota Bhura before jumping off a lighthouse and swimming with sharks in the Perhentian Islands.  Our main criteria in a holiday is whether we have a passion to go to the place regardless of the type of holiday.  We love to explore and rarely go back to the same place twice!

Where did you go?

I’m taking you on our trip to Petra, Jordan.

Why did you choose to go to Petra With Kids?

This is completely out of the normal for a family with a young toddler to do and so I wanted to show that you don’t have to let your wanderlust take a back seat when kids arrive, indeed just bring them along for the ride!

Who went?

Myself, my husband, my mum and the toddler, who was the grand old age of 15 months old at the time and barely walking.

Exploring Petra With Kids | My Travel Monkey

Where did you stay?

In Petra we went with the hotels that were closest to the entrance of Petra.  We had the choice between the Movenpick and a lovely hotel called the Petra Moon.  We went with the Petra Moon rather than going for the big chain hotel.  The Petra Moon was a lovely quaint hotel, though dry!

The hotel was simply lovely.  The rooms were big, even when you added a travel cot there was still masses of space as well as a separate annex (for want of a better word) with a couch in that we could sit and relax in once the Toddler was in bed.  Though given all the walking we did we were not far behind!!

How did you find Petra with a toddler?

It wasn’t exactly a trip with kids in mind, we amended our trip for taking a toddler with us, but for all intents and purposes the trip was designed for us in mind.

Petra is the most incredible place, and Jordan is simply beautiful.  It was wonderful travelling over in January from Dubai where it is only a short hop away, and needing to wear jeans and jumpers (it’s the little things when you live in the desert).  There was no problem with taking the toddler with us anywhere, everyone was so welcoming and friendly towards the little blond haired blue eyed boy (which we have found being in the Middle East in general, they are so much more accepting towards children being places with big fanfare welcomes!)

There was a lot of walking involved round the incredible sights of Petra, we averaged between 10-15km per day and it wasn’t a suitable trail to take a buggy in so we used our beloved Ergo to transport the toddler taking him out to explore as we reached each site.  He loved it, being close to Mummy or Daddy, the walking sending him to sleep, or being let out to explore.  It felt good to have 3 full days outside in fresh air as well.

Visiting Petra with a toddler | My Travel Monkey

Your most memorable moment/s of the trip?

Walking down the Siq as the sun was rising and catching the first glimpse of pink before we saw the true majesty of the Treasury.

Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the whole place is something to shout about!

Particularly famous highlights include walking down the Siq and that first glimpse of the Treasury (think Indiana Jones) it is simply incredible.  Then we let the Toddler down to explore and walk around.  Our top tip is to get there early, we left our hotel at 6.00am and the Treasury was near deserted as we exited the Siq.

There is a fabulous Roman Theater and the hike up to the Monastery though long is worth it to see the majestic temple carved into the side of a mountain.  If you wanted you could ride a donkey up there but I’m not sure whether that would be more nerve-wracking.

Your top tips for Petra with kids?

Pack a good pair of walking shoes and a decent toddler carrier if you are taking kids.

Petra With Kids | My Travel Monkey

Which photo is your favourite and why? Tell us the story behind it.

I love this one because the Toddler wasn’t steady on his feet and we were trying to get some shots of him standing with the temple in the background but he kept falling over and laughing.  Its one of my favourite happy ones of him.

Would you recommend to a friend? Would you go back again?

I wouldn’t go back to Petra, not because the place isn’t beautiful but because we saw all we wanted to see in one visit.  I would go back to Jordan though, I want to float in the Dead Sea.

I’d also recommend this to anyone who has an interest in history, or a love of Indiana Jones 🙂