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Ah… there really is nothing like the good old British BBQ. If like us, you’ve hosted a few, you’ll know that us Brits – come rain or shine – like to throw a few bangers on the barbie and indulge in some alfresco dining. We always like to make sure our BBQ gets several outings during the season. So as soon as the sun shines, the cover is off, friends are invited over, the Pimms is served over ice, and the grass is finally cut, while the garden gets a tidy up because we can’t possibly let guests see the horrendous weeds that have grown over the long winter months!

What makes the perfect BBQ?

But what factors contribute to creating the perfect BBQ? One which will make friends and family green with envy, hoping to emulate your sojourn when their turn comes around? We went to our friend’s house to road test my theories…

The Perfect BBQ With BenQ GS1 | My Travel Monkey

The sun

It goes without saying that sunshine really makes a BBQ a success. Without warm weather, your BBQ turns into a damp squib, as does the atmosphere when you have to usher everyone inside and finish off cooking the food in the oven…

Luckily, for us after the clouds evaporated we got some sun!

Great company

What better way to enjoy a BBQ but with close family and friends. There’s nothing better than hearing the laughter of children playing in the garden and the chitter chatter of adults.

Grilled food and plenty of it

Why does food cooked on a BBQ taste so much better than a conventional oven? Is it because it’s outside? Whatever, it all adds to the flavour! And we had a feast…

The Perfect BBQ With BenQ GS1 | My Travel Monkey

Fun and games

For the kids, a BBQ signifies tons of fun in the garden – from games of football, to trampolining heaven, as well as splashing in the paddling pool or getting soaked by sprinklers. We even had a sprinting competition.


If you’ve got the space, kids love to camp. Throw up a tent, deck it out with blankets and sleeping bags, and let them stay up late. Snacks are required.

The Perfect BBQ With BenQ GS1 | My Travel Monkey

Toasted marshmallows

Over a fire pit. That lovely, gooey inside of a toasted marshmallow was a sure hit for everyone!

A movie under the stars with BenQ GS1

If I was to tell you that you could set up your own cinema anywhere you fancied, would you believe me? Well, with the BenQ GS1 projector you really can. What better way to finish off a wonderful day than a movie show under the stars…

The lightweight BenQ GS1 is a portable projector which comes neatly packaged in a compact bag, and has been designed so it can be taken anywhere, free of wires and cables. It also has a rechargeable battery which lasts up to three hours at a time.

The Perfect BBQ With BenQ GS1 | My Travel Monkey

Setting it up was pretty simple, too, and with Monkey’s help, who easily carried it, we managed to get it working in no time. That’s a first really, considering I am not the least bit techy. So before dusk fell, we plugged it in to charge and popped on its waterproof orange case ready for use later on.

BenQ GS1 Projector Reviewed

If you wanted to connect the BenQ GS1 to a wi-fi network via a personal hotspot, then you can stream live content from the web. It can also connect to portable speakers and headphones via Bluetooth. We used a USB stick which we had downloaded movies onto, but you can also connect Apple TV or a Kindle Fire Stick should you wish to watch services like Netflix.

The kids took some time deciding what movie they wanted to watch – and in the end plumped for a new Disney release. After a minute of adjusting the settings to ensure I had a clear and bright picture on the canvas, the kids snuggled up inside the tent to watch the film.

The Perfect BBQ With BenQ GS1 | My Travel Monkey

It was so exciting for them to enclose themselves in their own little cinema world. They loved it! For them, it was the perfect way to end the day. And for us, it meant we could continue eating the leftover BBQ food and marshmallows all by ourselves!

Do you have any other suggestions on what ingredients help to make the perfect BBQ?

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