Definition of adventure junkie:  A person who thrives on travelling the world for the sole purpose of finding the most outrageous adventures

Okay, so I wouldn’t say that in the truest sense that I am a ‘adventure junkie’, I don’t search out death-defying activities on purpose  – not these more sensible days as a mum! However, I do like the adrenaline rush of certain pursuits and, travelling in essence is one’s own personal adventure, stepping into the unknown and exploring new territory.

When Mark Warner announced it was looking for a new batch of brand ambassadors for 2016, it got me reminiscing about my travelling past – about all the adventures that I’ve had by myself, with my husband and my son. It’s also made me realise that it’s the prospect of what the future holds that is the most exciting adventure of all.

We love going on adventures…

We are a pretty adventurous family. In my younger days I had no hesitation with jumping out of a plane and free-falling from 12,000 feet, or scuba-diving with sharks. I do like to push my limits, both mentally and physically and I’ve been so very lucky to do so much including trekking the Langtang Valley in Nepal and the Inca Trail in Peru; climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge; turtle diving in Malaysia and deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, my son at the tender age of four is fearless. Perhaps this is because of our influence, and the fact we’re continually having microadventures, he will try anything… From throwing himself down the biggest water slide to gravitating towards anything remotely fast and whizzy.

Our Perfect Family Adventure With #MarkWarner

At the helm of an Elding Whale watching ship in the bay of Reykyavik

While I write this we’re currently in Iceland on a marvellous adventure that has seen us whale watching, swimming in geothermal pools, climbing up the side of waterfalls and driving on a road trip around the island in search of the elusive Northern Lights. Has the cold and sub-zero conditions dampened our spirits? Never! In fact it’s made me more certain we can do anything as long as we’re together.

Ski-ing? Never tried that…

There is one holiday activity which has so far eluded us – and that’s ski-ing. Mainly because hubby and I are sun worshippers and because Monkey has been too young. But not anymore…

My husband has always dreamed of being some cool, hip snowboarding dude out on slopes, whilst I am drawn to the challenge of learning something new which will ultimately give me a massive thrill. Monkey – well he loves being outdoors and on the snow. He LOVES snow. I can also see the ski-lifts being a big hit – or miss in my case when I fail to get on them.

Why would this be our perfect family adventure?

We don’t have any of the gear, we’ve never set foot in skis, and the thought of spending more time on my bum than upright is slightly daunting. But the idea of the three of us trying something so totally out of our comfort zone, testing our mettle and being able to share this amazing and fun experience with one another – the highs and lows quite literally – is what will make it all the more perfect for us. My husband and I would also love to watch our boy grow in confidence and get excited about learning a new skill – one that we can hopefully nurture over time – with the help of Mark Warner and their team of brilliant ski-ing professionals of course!

Our Perfect Family Adventure With #MarkWarner

Climbing over 45 metres to the top of Skógafoss Waterfall

People often assume that because I am a travel blogger we get to go away constantly – but that really isn’t the case. I am able to write dozens of posts on one single trip, eeking out every inch of it. My husband and I work very hard and our family adventures are the only occasions we get to spend quality time together. Being able to go on a renowned Mark Warner ski-ing trip, as well as a relaxing beach holiday would not only be a perfect family adventure, but make our year pretty perfect, too.

Why pick me?

Good question. Why should I be picked as a Mark Warner ambassador over all the other brilliant and deserving bloggers out there?

Well for one, I live, breathe and think travel, and who best to give an honest and insightful account of the adventures of a ski-ing holiday than a family who has never done it before. Ever.

Secondly, I would love to be able to be part of a fantastic, award-winning company that specialises in providing the best in family holidays from first-class accommodation to brilliant childcare. Going on a Mark Warner holiday is a super exciting prospect, because we’ve never been on this type of holiday package before – I usually book everything separately and have never experienced using babysitters – knowing Monkey will be in safe hands is a comforting thought – and having some downtime with the hubby without the worry? It’s a win win… And I think My Travel Monkey and Mark Warner would be a winning combination.

And lastly – I can’t guarantee we will look this good – but this is my little imagining of the family hitting those slopes at the end of this video.

Here’s some of our adventure so far, will our next be with Mark Warner? I really, really hope so…