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Perhaps it’s the cold weather, or maybe the many illnesses that have hit our household over the past month. Or it could even be that I’m busily preparing and planning for our Christmas trip to South Africa in the next few weeks – but sometimes there’s no place like home. We’ve not really done many outings, what with family commitments and get togethers that all seem to come at once. But we’ve managed to sneak in a few Sunday lunches and walks with friends around our local area. Lovely for us really because we want to keep things low-key before we go away.

Every member of the family has been hit by some sort of bug or virus, and throw into the mix a teething baby, and then you have one tired me…

Not that I am after any sympathy, I imagine most parents up and down the country are in the same boat, plus there are all those Christmas preparations to be done – and for us, even earlier, as we fly to South Africa in the next few weeks!

Yes, can you believe our Christmas trip is just around the corner? I am still frantically trying to get organised as well as do some planning of our itinerary while we are there. Even though my head feels like it’s going to explode soon, I keep imagining the warmth and sunshine that is going to greet us once there – and it’s certainly keeping me going.

At the beginning of November I attended my third World Travel Market – a huge expo held at The Excel in London. For once, I went with a plan, rather than aimlessly wandering up and down the hundreds of stands, and I am pleased to report that after a few meetings, there are some exciting proposals that may come to fruition in 2018.

The experience is still a great one and I also got to catch up with a lot of lovely UK family travel bloggers.

I also attended an evening hosted by Web Tenerife. Held at The Museum of London Docklands, we got to discover the wine and cheese of the country which is surprisingly good. With a special wine tasting event, we had to take part in a quiz which was testing our knowledge of all the interesting facts we’d learned that night. After handing over my answers, I thought nothing more of it until much later… Imagine my shock when it was announced that I had won the first prize! As I faced a round of applause and the pop of camera flashes, I was a little overwhelmed to discover that the prize was an all expenses paid trip to Tenerife next year!

The finer details have yet to be ironed out, as unfortunately it’s an adults only holiday, which will prove rather difficult when we have two young children to think of. However, I imagine we’ll sort something out. I’ll keep you posted.

The November Digest: Bugs, Trip Planning and First Prize!

We were also pleased to be able to do our first family photoshoot. It was the perfect setting for us – outdoors in the autumnal sunshine. And my husband and I are so pleased with the results. If you haven’t seen some, here are a few of our favourites…

So the MTM family may not have travelled too far in November, but that’s because we’re conserving all our energy for South Africa! And I can assure you, you’ll be hearing plenty about it once we’re there!