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A large percentage of people travel by plane when going on holiday, but for some, this isn’t an option. This could be for many reasons, whether it’s fear related, economic or environmental. As a result, some destinations or experiences may seem completely out of the question. However, this actually is not the case, and it shouldn’t be able to stop you from being able to explore or go travelling. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to have no fly holidays, keep on reading to discover some of the best, and start to plan that all-important trip of a lifetime in your own way – and travel without flying!

Be creative – how to travel without flying…

There are so many exciting and creative ways to travel without having to take a plane. Each one has its own benefits, but most importantly you will be able to save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Think outside the box when it comes to deciding where to take your next holiday, and don’t be afraid to turn it into an adventure. The best and most memorable holidays are those that are spontaneous, so make the most of the various transport services available to see the sights and explore properly. It really is true what they say – the world is your oyster!

No Fly Holidays – what are the options?

Stay closer to home

If you’re not so keen on the idea of heading abroad on a plane, why not stay in your own country and visit a new destination at home? There will be so many different locations within your country that can offer you a whole new experience. Perhaps a staycation by the coast – choosing a beachfront property or hotel where you can enjoy the views or a city trip for something a little more action-packed. Or what about trying something a little out of the ordinary like a houseboat or riverboat holiday? Travelling at home also means that you won’t have to try and learn a new language or feel out of your comfort zone.

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Go On A Cruise

As well as no-fly holidays, you can also see the world by going on a cruise, giving holidaymakers the chance to see and visit many different places in just one trip. Heading out into the open ocean is an amazing experience, and if you choose luxury cruises you will have every necessity you could ever want onboard the ship with you. You can get a cruise to almost any destination around the world, dependent on where you board the ship, and most will have more than one stop on the way for you to enjoy. Waking up with a completely new view every morning is something that cannot be replicated by air travel, so cruising really can offer a different travelling experience. There are many different types of cruises are available – some which are for the more discerning traveller, or those that cater to families and a younger crowd.

Travel The Open Road

With a bit of planning and common sense, you can travel (almost) anywhere in the world by car. Although this type of journey will take a considerably longer amount of time than that of a plane, you will get to experience every village, town and city along the route to your final destination. Going on a road trip is great value for money, as after factoring in the cost of fuel, you’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please, plan all your accommodation en route and those of which that suit your budget, and book in advance any transport that can help you get from A-B such as ferries or the Euro Tunnel. One of the best aspects of travelling by road is the freedom you feel when you compared to travelling to just one destination (along with everyone else on the plane).

Take A Train Journey

No fly holidays can be done in style – railway train style!  There are many great journeys that you can do by train and the advantages are endless, too. Not only is rail travel much better for the environment, but a top-class ticket is also much more affordable when compared to a business class flight. There’s also the joy of being able to see the passing scenery as the train makes its way through beautiful and interesting routes across different landscapes and even through different countries. All the while being able to choose when to hop on or off if your ticket allows. Meanwhile, train journeys are much faster than road travel, but also offer the same freedom of being able to stay and explore destinations without any time limits particularly if you’ve purchased interrailing or open-ended tickets.  

A Coach Trip

Despite common misconceptions, coach trips aren’t just for pensioners. There’s been an increase in interest and investment in promoting coach trips to a younger crowd, and many new companies are now targetting these travellers. Travelling by coach is an inexpensive option, and passengers are escorted by a tour guide offering up snippets of interesting information along the way – and helping no-fly holidays run as smoothly as possible. From city trips to island hopping, 18-30s to country tours, there are many coach trips to choose from. They’re also particularly good for those who like to be sociable or for those travelling solo while on holiday, as fellow travellers will be spending lots of time together throughout their coach trip journey and during group outings. It’s a great way to meet new friends…