Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a few glitches over the weekend with old posts being re-delivered. Apologies for that but those tech bugs have been playing havoc. There is a reason why… After months of procrastinating, to-ing and fro-ing between myself and web guys, and weeks of painstaking amendments, I am so very pleased to finally reveal the new look My Travel Monkey.

I’ve tried to keep the core characteristics the same – you’ll notice similar colours and fonts, but the key changes I hope, will make the reader’s experience a lot more fluid: easier to find specific destinations and attractions through the search box – as well as being able to discover more of the latest posts.

The next change, which I hope will benefit both readers and travel writers, is a new feature that will allow bloggers to add excerpts of their articles to this site, meaning that My Travel Monkey can start building up an extensive database from all around the world.

I want My Travel Monkey to provide a comprehensive and thorough guide to family-friendly destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants both here in the UK and across the globe.

Having spoken to so many families with children, we all agree that information on family-friendly travel can be a bit hit and miss, and, at best, hidden amongst piles of other articles.

And the one thing busy parents don’t have is time – time to waste trawling through endless websites.

So, please do take your time to browse through the blog – and I hope you like the adjustments we’ve made.

May you all find a marvellous adventure…