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Okay, okay. So I know I already did a detailed post about Peppa Pig World but that was nearly a year ago on Monkey’s 2nd birthday; on a weekend, packed to the brim with families, whining children and exhausted parents.

It was a good day, only because it was Monkey’s birthday and we were determined not to let the long queues dampen our spirits. It was a good day because we spent it together as a family, and watched with delight as Monkey was spellbound by all the sights and sounds of what is possibly, one of his favourite cartoons.

It was also a time before I began My Travel Monkey. So although I took lots of photos, I didn’t have my ‘blogging’ eye on the ball.

Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in HampshireForward to our recent adventure. I did things a lot differently this time. Some friends suggested we take a day off work (like I needed an excuse to skip a day in the office!) and take our kids to PPW, before schools broke up for summer holidays.

As some of you will know, I have recently begun potty training D, and have been bribing him onto the toilet with all forms of treats, from haribo sweets to present toy cars. In my arsenal of all bribes was telling him a few days before we went, that I was taking him PPW. He was super excited and he also did what he was told. Winner.

Nothing much as changed since my original post but here are some thoughts on the differences in experience at the same place.

It is worth going on a week day and not a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, it was still busy but not compared to the crowds that had descended on our last visit. The queuing times weren’t too horrific – at most we waited about 10 minutes to go on a ride, rather than half-an-hour as before.
Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in Hampshire
If it rains, don’t run away. We were plagued with intermittent heavy showers around lunch time. But hey, what harm does rain do, as long as you have waterproofs? The whole parked seemed to clear in about an hour! On some rides, the attendants just let us go round and round again.
Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in Hampshire
Do bring a packed lunch. I didn’t this time – and the food there isn’t great quality and very expensive. I paid over £10 for a dry sandwich, some crisps and a bottle of water.
Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in Hampshire
Get out of Peppa Pig World itself and explore Paultons Park. I discovered new rides and areas that we hadn’t ventured to before and even got to try out some of the adult rollercoasters while the children were playing on the big bouncy castle and in the soft play area. Monkey himself really, really had a whale of a time. Because he was that much older, he had more of an understanding about the rides and really loved the thrill of them. He must take after me, because we couldn’t get him off the mini-rollercoaster and he certainly has no fear of heights or being thrown about in the air. Monkey also did me proud, as he didn’t have one ‘potty’ accident the whole day, and I was fearing the worst. I came prepared with about five changes of clothes and had no need for them!Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in Hampshire
Beware of the swanky new toy shop which they force you to go through in order to leave the park. Not good. Imagine over-tired rascals eyeing up all those brightly coloured play things and harassed parents trying their best to avert their eyes? It was like a ‘Krypton Factor’ assault course. Seriously.
It was a fabulous day. Of course, spending time with my friends and with Monkey was the icing on the cake, but PPW and Paultons is a great family attraction and well worth the money. Monkey really appreciated it this time, and is still talking about it now.Nearly A Year On: Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in Hampshire