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We’ve all had the conversation… “What would you do if you won x amount on the lottery?” The daydreaming really does go into meltdown when I think of the £326million I could win on the Lottoland Powerball. My husband reels off the supercars he’d be driving, and I imagine the amazing dream house that we could live in – you know the type, something which wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy interiors magazine, styled to perfection.

But in my case, the talk will always steer towards travel – which amazing countries we could visit and, with a bottomless wallet, what luxurious hotels and resorts we could afford to stay in.

Ultimately, travel isn’t about the opulent and palatial accommodation and first-class service that you surround yourself with. A beautiful resort and a private beach can be anywhere in the world if you don’t leave its gilded gates. However, what if there was a resort so special and so different, that it warrants a nearly 24-hour journey from the UK to get to? What if it was so breathtaking that you would pay the hefty £3K-15K price tag per night?

Holidays in French Polynesia

The Brando is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa – an atoll composed of a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon 30 miles northeast of Tahiti.

It’s so exclusive, that the likes of Holywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama and a honeymooning Pippa Middleton have stayed there. But what makes it so different from all the other ridiculously extravagant resorts out there? Well let me tell you:

Each elegantly and stylish designed villa has its own private section of beach, deck and plunge pool. Guests also get their own bicycles to explore this piece of paradise.

My Ultimate Dream Hotel: The Brando Resort in French Polynesia

The food is overseen by Michelin starred chef Guy Martin, and most of the produce is grown on the island itself including its famous honey. There are also vegan options.

My Ultimate Dream Hotel: The Brando Resort in French Polynesia

The spa offers a delectable menu of relaxing treats and a suite nestled in the canopy of the trees which offers amazing views.

My Ultimate Dream Hotel: The Brando Resort in French Polynesia

There are tons of different activities from whale watching, paddle boarding to snorkelling.

My Ultimate Dream Hotel: The Brando Resort in French Polynesia

There is an Ecostation on the island which serves to investigate the atoll and protect it as well as the flora and fauna surrounding it. And the resort uses renewable energy such as coconut biofuel, solar power and seawater air conditioning. You can also learn more about Polynesia and attend lectures and demonstrations about Polynesian culture, history, and lifestyle.

My Ultimate Dream Hotel: The Brando Resort in French Polynesia

Late actor Marlon Brando discovered this piece of heaven when he first went to French Polynesia to film Mutiny on the Bounty. He was so enchanted by it, he brought Tetiaroa and his vision to preserve Tetiaroa’s natural beauty, biodiversity and cultural richness have now been realised.

You only have to marvel at the photos…

So, if you won a huge amount of life-changing money, where would you like to stay?

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