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Catching an early morning fight always seem such a good idea at the time, the thinking being, we’ll get to our destination and have a full day to explore on the other side. But the reality isn’t so great is it?

When you jump into the car to head to the airport, it’s still dark and cold. You’re still half asleep and the kids are a little dazed and confused… That.

So anything that helps the transition from getting from the car to the airport departures lounge has to be a bonus and one of those services we find particularly useful is meet and greet parking.

Finding a parking provider is easy with SkyParkSecure – one of the UKs leading airport parking providers. As price is always a key factor, they compare the cost of airport parking all over the country. During the last 15 years SkyParkSecure has helped over 1.5 million people park their car saving them over £5 million in the process.

We were booked with Ace Parking on our recent trip to Lisbon. Twenty minutes before arriving at Heathrow airport, I just had to call Ace and let them know our eta and, on arrival, it was as simple as driving to the designated parking level, unloading our bags, handing over our keys to the friendly attendant and getting a lift straight to departures.

Plus I was safe in the knowledge that our car would be looked after. Ace is run in partnership with the British Parking Association’s ‘ParkMark’ initiative and the West Sussex ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme. As well as having security awarded carparks.

On our return, the process was just as straight forward but not as satisfactory. Using the information on the card given to us, I called Ace once we’d collected our luggage and we made our way back to the carpark. I was hoping we’d be able to jump into the car and head home quickly, but unfortunately, we waited for some time. Not only was it cold, and we were a little under-dressed having come back from Mediterranean heat, but the children were starting to get cranky.

I did have to call Ace again, who assured me that our car had arrived some time ago, so they were confused to why we hadn’t been met yet. Eventually, the attendant came running up to us, apologising that he had to sort out several other customers, handed us back our keys and ran off again. It wasn’t quite the service I was expecting but we inspected the car which appeared to be in good condition, so we headed home.

It wasn’t the end to our trip that I was expecting, but all in all I was pleased with the overall service. At the end of the day, our car was looked after and not damaged.

Meet And Greet Parking with Ace Parking and SkyParkSecure

With SkyParkSecure, customers are only offered car parks that meet a very high standard of security and meet the official Park Mark seal of approval. The independent review system quickly lets customers see other people’s experiences and, with more than 1.5 million, there are plenty of reviews to compare. I didn’t hesitate to let SkyParkSecure know about our incident because if a car park falls below a certain level SkyParkSecure will issue a warning, and if the reviews still don’t improve they won’t hesitate in removing the car park from their system.

Would I book a meet and greet service again through SkyParkSecure? I most certainly would. Being able to get out and head off on your holiday without worrying about your vehicle definitely ensures your trip gets off to a good start, and knowing that SkyParkSecure take negative feedback seriously, I am reassured my comments will be passed on to improve the service in the future.

* In collaboration with SkyParkSecure. We were given complimentary parking with Ace. As always my opinions are my own