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Driving to an open field, pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars does in its own way appeal to the dreamy side of me… Toasting marshmallows around a campfire, snuggling up in a cosy sleeping bag and listening to the melodic thrums of nature under a starry moonlit sky… Then hard-hitting reality sets in as I remember all the times I shivered inside a piece of canvas, trudging through mud to go to the toilet and feeling utterly cold and miserable. Which is why I haven’t been camping in over two decades. But campsites have changed phenomenally and are now catering to people exactly like me –  the reluctant camper.  After spending over a fortnight exploring France and falling in love with the country, even I am now tempted by luxury camping in France because of the stunningly located campsites as well as their family-friendly facilities.

Luxury Camping in France | My Travel Monkey

Yelloh! Village

Yelloh! Village is the epitome of luxury camping holidays in France. In fact, Yelloh! Village has over 80 different resorts across Europe in Spain, Portugal and France. And in each of these well-situated camping sites, you can expect premium camping accommodation from glamping tents, pitches to cottages and cabins. All the while having swimming pools, kids’ clubs, sporting activities, evening entertainment and even spa and wellness centres.

However, it is Yelloh! Village’s locations that are the real draw – they even call themselves Europe’s finest open-air hotels. From being slap bang in the idyllic countryside to the shores of sandy beaches, the resorts are respectful of their surroundings, trying to merge seamlessly with the outdoors and give visitors the chance to really unwind and to explore.

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Luxury Camping in France

There are so many reasons why I would like to return to France in a heartbeat, but now having perused many of Yelloh! Village’s campsites across the whole country from Brittany to L’Aquitaine, I am at a loss of which one I’d go to first.

Of course, for a reluctant camper like me, pitching is a no-no, but Yelloh! Village’s accommodation extends far beyond a simple tent. If you’re looking for glamping in France or luxurious mobile homes and cottages then there is an endless choice. And much more to the standard of what I expect from mere ‘camping’. Just check out some of my favourites…

Cabine on Stilts

So get this. You can still sleep in a tent, but it’s a posh one! Cabine on stilts have a solid timber structure, are fully furnished and have showers, and toilets but with a canvas roof. Now that’s what I call luxury glamping in France!

Mobile homes and chalets

Mobile homes really have come a long way from the stereotypes of spartan and rundown trailers. Yelloh! Villages mobile homes are superb, with high-end furnishings and fully kitted kitchens, wi-fi, and all the mod cons you can think of. I love the fact that these they also have terraces with sunloungers and BBQs – the perfect space for families to relax in. You can read more from Tin Box Traveller about her stay at Yelloh! Pin Parasol.

Premium Cottages

The Premium Cottages are a step up from the mobile homes. More spacious, more luxurious, and the added benefit of being by the sea. And to all those who follow MTM regularly, you’ll know that being by the coast is the dream location for me!

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All-inclusive with Yelloh! Village

When you book a camping holiday in France with Yelloh! Village not only do you get top-notch family accommodation but everything else included. So once you pay, that’s it. From linen and towels in the Premium range, aquatic water parks and outdoor pools, free shuttle services running from the holiday village to nearby towns, children’s clubs and activities for kids of all ages, as well as indoor spa areas, Hammans and jacuzzis. For extra charges, you can get a cleaning service as well as half-board packages that include dining. It really is a no brainer, particularly for those families who are budget conscious.

Yelloh! Village | My Travel Monkey

Luxury camping? Yes, please…

I may not be the outdoors-roughing-it-type but even I can see the appeal of luxury camping. It’s the combination of a being able to relax in unbelievable locations across Europe, enjoy the sun, sea, and fresh air, while the kids are happy and entertained, and staying in comfortable accommodation – all without a hefty price tag. I think I could get used to this luxury camping lark, and thankfully, there’s not a cold damp field in sight…

*Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Yelloh! Village. You can book directly through their website here.  Images are from Le Soleil Vivarais campsite at Vallon Pont d’Arc. All thoughts are my own.