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There is something rather uplifting about watching animals go about their business, from penguins waddling and diving into their pools to adorable otters grooming one another, zoos and aquariums across the world are giving us all unique insight into the animal kingdom.

So if you’re an animal lover or want to give yourself or the kids some entertainment, then sit back and enjoy these wonderful and insightful live zoo cameras across the world.

These animal cams capture some heartwarming scenes and the great thing is, we can keep returning time and time again to channel our inner David Attenborough from our very own homes. Get your animal fix from these great wildlife webcams.

Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland

One of our favourite animal cams is focused on the penguins from Edinburgh Zoo.

Not only can you watch over 100 of them currently ‘nesting’ but there is also a separate cam following the adorable Rockhoppers, too. If that wasn’t enough, Edinburgh also has zoo cams on the tigers, koalas and pandas.

To view the live zoo cameras at Edinburgh click here

Cincinnati Zoo, USA

Cincinnati Zoo is streaming live feeds every day currently at 3.00pm (EST) and also providing at-home activities for the whole family. A different animal will be featured each time and so far there have been giraffes, rhinos and cheetahs to name but a few.

If you can’t make the live video, then all videos are posted to the zoo’s website and on YouTube.

To access the live videos click here. For the activities go to this website


Monterey Bay, USA

We love watching the magnificent sharks stealthily gliding through their tank, and seeing all the action in the Kelp Forest.

Monterey Bay has an excellent mix of live animal webcams from being able to follow ocean creatures including turtles and tuna fish to glowing Moon Jelly Fish, there is much to be hypnotised by. But there can be nothing more adorable than seeing feeding time with the otters.

To see all the webcams at Monterey Bay click here



Chester Zoo, England

Spend a virtual day exploring the zoo with Chester’s live videos. The team at Chester did a virtual tour of the whole zoo including visiting the butterfly house and seeing Asian elephants.

And you can spend time at different enclosures and watch Chameleons and lions being fed, to learning more about the giraffes and bears – which are all available over on their Facebook page.

To go on a virtual zoo day tour at Chester click here

Zoos Victoria, Australia

Zoos in Victoria, Australia, made up of Melbourne, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary have got an awesome collection of live zoo cameras from koala cams to zebra and penguin cams.

But it’s the snow leopard cubs that really are really worth watching. Born in January, the cubs are usually fed sometime between 9.00am and 10.00am each morning.

To see Zoo Victoria’s wildlife webcams click here


Marwell Zoo, England

Marwell Zoo in Hampshire has a good variety of animal webcams and visitors to their website are able to keep a close eye on the flamingos, lemurs, giraffes and penguins.

To access Marwell Zoo’s webcams click here

Chengdu Research Base, China

While not technically a zoo, the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in China has wildlife cameras focused on these beautiful creatures streaming constantly 24/7.

So whenever you need a panda fix, just head to iPanda and marvel as you can spy on some of over 50 different pandas.


Dublin Zoo, Ireland

You can head to the African Savanna via Dublin Zoo’s brilliant animal webcams. The largest habitat at the zoo is home to giraffes, rhinos, ostrich and zebras.

Also on this vast expanse, you will spot a very special species – the scimitar-horned oryx, a species of antelope that is now extinct in the wild. You can also check in on penguins and elephants, too.

Head to the African Savanna at Dublin Zoo by clicking her

Smithsonian Zoo, USA

Washington D.C’s Smithsonian has several live zoo cameras from the stunning lions to the majestic elephants. However, our favourites include watching the tiny naked-mole rats in their underground tunnels and new mum Echo and her cheetah cubs.

This camera is the same one that keepers are watching right now as they monitor the cheetahs…

To see Smithsonian’s cheetahs and more click here

Vancouver Aquarium, Canada

Have you ever been to an aquarium and been transfixed by the calming movements of marine life swimming through water?

You can watch spellbinding jellyfish via Vancouver Aquarium’s Jelly Cam, as well as African penguins and otters.

To see the wildlife webcams at Vancouver click here

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