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June has been somewhat of a funny month. Although it seems to have flown by, and I’ve had to remind myself of all that we’ve got up to, it’s also felt like the weeks have crawled at a rather sedate pace and I’ve found myself struggling to keep up with what seems like endless to-do lists.

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much – but I’d like to reassure all my readers there are no chinks in the armour, in fact, quite the opposite. The blog is undergoing a huge ‘summer clean’ and while not a lot of new content is being written, I am busily working behind the scenes, and organising my SEO and tweaking old posts that need some TLC.

It’s also been glorious weather here in the UK, which has filled me with such wanderlust, I’ve been daydreaming how it would be possible to pack our backpacks, the kids and just get on a plane not to return for a year. Alas, these thoughts must remain relegated to the recesses of my brain, as, unless we’re bestowed with a fortune, it’s not going to happen. Which perhaps has made the desire even stronger. Do you ever get itchy feet?

While our weekends have been filled with parties, catching up with friends and the usual commitments, we have managed to fit in a few lovely outings.

The June Digest: Rollercoasters, Prison and the Goblet of Fire

While the baby was at his nana’s, Monkey and I joined some friends on a day trip to one of our local favourites, Chessington World of Adventures. This was the first time we’d been in the park without attending a special event, as I was once a blog ambassador for the theme park. Now that Monkey has grown he’s also able to go on many more rides, and we had a blast riding the rollercoasters, eating ice cream and being silly. Even the hot weather, queues and sudden power cut didn’t dampen our spirits.

As some of you know, in my other job as editor of Time & Leisure Magazine, earlier this year I interviewed the founder of The Clink charity and restaurants Al Crisci. His goal is to help offenders train and gain qualifications so they won’t re-offend. It was my husband’s birthday so I decided to take him to The Clink in HMP High Down for lunch. It was a surreal experience, leaving behind all our belongings, actually walking into a working men’s prison, keys jangling, and lots of iron doors clanging shut behind us. You don’t expect it, but the restaurant itself wouldn’t look out of place in some swanky street in London. The food was good, considering the chefs are in training, while our waiter was a cheeky chap called Goerge, who was open and honest about why he was incarcerated and what it meant to him to be on The Clink programme. You may have to use plastic knives and forks and drink non-alcoholic beverages but it’s not every day you can claim to have dined in a real prison.

The June Digest: Rollercoasters, Prison and the Goblet of Fire

When I received a special invitation to attend an evening at The Warner Bros Studio Tour, Monkey was beside himself with excitement – and so was I. We hadn’t been for a few years and the Harry Potter experience has just released items from the Goblet of Fire film which have never been on display. My anticipation never wanes, as those iconic doors dramatically part to reveal the magnificent Great Hall. Not only did we get to spend a magical evening with Mummy Travels and her daughter, but it was fantastic seeing the new displays as well as walking through The Forbidden Forest.

With Wimbledon Tennis beginning tomorrow, it’s definitely strawberry season and my two boys can’t get enough of them. So we decided to head to Garsons Farm in Esher, Surrey, last week and pick several punnets for ourselves. Garsons has a huge expanse of PYO fields and you can take home everything from green beans and corn, to courgettes and strawberries. With a garden centre and excellent cafe, it made for a great day out – and Peanut was in strawberry heaven!

The June Digest: Rollercoasters, Prison and the Goblet of Fire

Although commitments over the weekends have meant we haven’t been able to get out and do as much exploring as we’d like to – I am hoping that over the summer there will be more adventures for us to go on – including our much-anticipated trip to Zakynthos in Greece.

So while I continue to tackle that previously mentioned ‘list’, I am also trying to assuage my itchy feet by looking into some possible destinations next year and living vicariously through other people’s adventures. It’s a tough job but it’s all in the name of research, right?

Until next time, wishing you all a good one.