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Who doesn’t like a little holiday? There’s something about travel that hits you right in the gut… that feeling of excitement in the planning of a new adventure; the anticipation of getting away from the daily grind of life; looking forward to not being at work and, instead, spending quality time with a loved one, family or friends; taking it easy; enjoying the delights of new surroundings from the culture to breathtaking scenery and historical sites, to exotic new cuisines and delicious wines.

Travel, whether it be to a small B&B at a quaint little village in the Cotswold countryside; a beach holiday in Turkey or taking the Star Ferry across magnificent Hong Kong Harbour, is all about the experience… all about the memories that you store in the bank – snapshots of happy, wonderful and exhilarating moments in time.

My Travel Monkey is all about inspiring you to pack a suitcase and get out into the big wide world. It’s also about discovering not only those far-flung destinations but those closer to home, exploring hidden gems that can be right on your doorstep.rp_people.jpgI enjoy learning about other people’s trips and holidays, and what they’ve experienced on their own travels – it only awakens the wanderlust in me. Where did they go on holiday; what city breaks have they’ve taken; how did they find their accommodation; what they did and saw – and I think you all will, too.

Which is why I have launched Holiday Snapshots – a regular segment that will feature one person’s trip down memory lane. I look forward to sharing them all with you – and if you would like to be featured on Holiday Snapshots yourself, please email me at [email protected] and I would love to include you.