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I’m super excited that one of my fave bloggers, Em Conway, is sharing her hilarious moments from her pre-kids trip to the USA, taking in Vegas, LA and San Francisco, in this week’s Holiday Snapshots. It was a very starry affair from Hollywood superstar Will Ferrell to ex-Bros and musician Matt Goss. Oh, and Shrek!

Over to you, Em…

Fotor0829150240What do you look for in a holiday?

I really like a bit of everything. I am not the kind of person that likes to sit on the beach everyday as I get a bit hot and bothered and bored. And my husband is worse than a child and starts sighing and being grumpy. So we really like a bit of everything! Even on our honeymoon in Egypt we did lots of trips. I’m an RE teacher so LOVE a religious geeky trip somewhere.

Where did you go?

My best ever holiday was travelling around the USA for 10 days with my new (at the time he’s not new now!) husband five summers ago. Oh god it was amazing. We went to Vegas, then LA, then San Fran. Sigh. Pre-kids so lots of adventures and booze.

Why did you choose this America?

We really love America and we just wanted to go and visit. We did consider NYC (which we subsequently went to when my girl was 10 months old) but we fancied a few places so this was the best option.

1934612_148557380902_2524984_nWho went?

Just me and the hub. Lovely.

Where did you stay?

We stayed in the Excalibur in Las Vegas and chain hotels in LA and San Fran. We just chose a package that we could afford at the time. Even thought the Excalibur is one of the cheaper Vegas hotels, our room was massive and it was really lovely and clean.

It did work out quite pricey as we had to get food out all the time but in America you can eat breakfast quite cheaply and as there was just the two of us and we knew it was a holiday of a lifetime, so we didn’t mind paying to eat out a lot. We got the package on the net and flew American Airlines. Which was fine – we got to sit next to the emergency doors which allowed for extra room.

1934612_148557460902_4404687_nYour most memorable moment of the trip?

In Vegas there as a film premiere in Planet Hollywood hotel. And Will Ferrell was there. He walked past us. And my husband high fived him – and well, he didn’t, as Will kept on walking and totally denied him. I have NEVER EVER laughed so much in my whole life!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Was it good value for money?

Yep, it was good enough for us at the time as two relatively young people with no kids. If we’d had children, we would have had to have planned a totally different trip I think.

Your top tips?

Look out in the local news for little events that are going on and defo make sure you have good guides that give you money off ideas.

1934612_148560855902_6456583_nWhich photo is your favourite and why?

This is a weird one. My fave pic is one of me and Matt Goss in Vegas (from Bros – women in their mid-30s will be jel). I love it because 1) it’s Matt Goss. But 2) my husband is in the background looking totally gormless. He didn’t mind that I was swooning over the ex 80’s pop star. He just stood and let me have my photo taken. Which is just him all over. He just watches whilst I act like a maniac. He’s a good husband.

Would you go back again?

As soon as the kids are grown up me and the hub are defo going to go to Vegas. For sure. LA? Not so much. It was good but in parts it was a little bit rough. San Fran was beautiful but I’m not despo to go back again.

1934612_148557325902_7801707_nWhat are your five holiday essentials?

• My Cath Kidston make up and washing bags.
• A good beach bag.
• Loads of good books (obvs this is pre-kids! Ha! I just take a few now).
• Some lovely gladiator sandals that go with lots of outfits.
• Lots of cheap statement necklaces and bangles to go with all my outfits.

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