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This week, I am so pleased to introduce you to Sarah who blogs over at Extraordinary Chaos. She’s always on the go – and has recently been sharing her fab reviews of Q Hotels up and down the UK, as she is lucky enough to be their brand ambassador. So I was pleased she could spare a moment to share her memorable trip to Las Vegas – and she even took the kids!

Over to you, Sarah…

Extraordinary Chaos features in Holiday SnapshotsWhat do you look for in a holiday?

We like to keep busy, we love cities, cruising and Disney, so every year is a struggle choosing where to go. But I am going to tell you about our trip to Las Vegas.

Why Vegas?

It was for Chris’ 40th birthday gift. He gave me a list of wonders he wanted to see and the Grand Canyon was on it – so that is how I made my decision.

MGM Grand in Holiday Snapshots Las Vegas by My Travel MonkeyWho went?

We all went, people looked at us in horror at the fact we were taking children to Las Vegas!

Where did you stay?

We booked our trip through Virgin Holidays. and stayed in the MGM Grand. It was incredible. The final decision was based on the fact that the boys wanted to see the lions every day, and the amazing pool complex.

The MGM is the largest hotel we have ever stayed in and it covers acres! We stayed self-catering but it was full of wonderful restaurants.

Helicopter Trip to Grand Canyon inin Holiday Snapshots Las Vegas by My Travel MonkeyWere there plenty of activities for the kids?

Vegas is not meant to be for children but there was so much for them to do. The lazy river at the pool was incredible; watching the lions; and every hotel has some sort of attraction.

Your most memorable moment/s of the trip?

We went on a helicopter trip and landed in the Grand Canyon. It was the most incredible experience ever. Flying over the Hoover Dam was also spectacular.

Hoover Dam with Extraordinary Chaos on Holiday SnapshotsAny sights, activities you want to shout about?

The Dolphins at the Mirage Hotel; the pirate show at Treasure Island – oh there is just so much!

Was it good value for money?

We got a great deal on our overall package although Vegas itself is not a cheap place to eat and drink. But hey, when you are on holiday you shouldn’t worry too much!

The Grand Canyon with Extraordinary Chaos on Holiday Snapshots My Travel MonkeyYour top tip/s for the area?

  • October is a good time to go as it is warm but not too hot.
  • If you go on a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon schedule it around sunrise or sunset – the view is breathtaking.
  • Not many places offer kids meals, but they are usually very accommodating and offer half portions.

Which photo is your favourite and why? Tell us the story behind it.

The one of us all in the Grand Canyon. We actually booked the trip with some money Chris’ Grandma left  in her will. When we landed, we had a glass of champagne in her honour. She would have loved it. Grandma was a very adventurous lady…

Grand Canyon Extraordinary Chaos on Holiday SnapshotsWould you recommend to a friend? Would you go back again?

Oh yes 100% in fact we would love to go back with and without the boys. I would like to go and have a flutter in all the casinos.

What are the five holiday essentials you couldn’t live without?

Assuming I have my family with me – sun cream; Jacks medication as he’s diabetic so we can’t travel without it; my Camera to record all those family memories; my Sunglasses; and lastly my phone.

What is your most favourite place in the whole world and why?

Oh, I can’t choose – everywhere I travel is my favourite place. But I suppose if I had to pin it down to one place it would have to be Disney World. It just makes me feel like a kid again when I am there!

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