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This is a guest post from Gwun Olley – my sister – who used the services of Hire 4 Baby on her recent family holiday to Dubai. Over to you, Gwun…

I am notoriously bad at packing. I’m a ‘pack-the-kitchen-sink’ kinda gal – so I was a little concerned about our first family holiday abroad with our 7-month-old-baby. My main worries were, along with the pushchair, how would we manage to carry a car seat and steriliser, as well as mountains of formula, nappies, toys and beach equipment. When there’s only two of you, all this stuff is pretty daunting.

Hire for baby

So I was more than keen when Hire For Baby reached out and offered their services. Hire 4 Baby is run by Jossette, who has lived in Dubai for many years. She spotted a potential gap in the market when she realised just how many families with young children were coming to Dubai on holiday – or relocating there.Reviewed: Dubai 4 Baby Hire

About Hire 4 Baby

Hire 4 Baby is the UAE’s full-service baby and toddler equipment rental agency offering high quality, trusted brand name products to travelling parents. You can hire everything that you could possibly need for a trip with a baby/toddler, and if they don’t have it you can request and the team will do everything she can to assist.

The choice is pretty extensive. We opted to hire a car seat, high chair, changing mat, steriliser, food warmer and play stacking rings. We decided to take our own buggy but these are available, too.

Hire For Baby was super helpful in organising everything, and it was easy to navigate the website to choose all the items. Once we had placed our order, we then provided Hire For Baby with our flight and accommodation details. They then confirmed we would be met at Dubai Airport with all our items – we opted for this as we needed the car seat for the transfer to the hotel, however, the equipment can also be delivered to your hotel directly.

Hire For Baby | My Travel MonkeyOverall verdict of Hire 4 Baby

Jhey met us at the airport as soon as we touched down and then helped us to get a cab to our hotel. It was a painless process and pleasant to be met by a friendly face.

Being able to hire a car seat, saved us checking in another piece of luggage and potentially damaging our own car seat during transit. This was the one thing we were grateful to have in our arsenal of baby equipment because the taxi drivers in Dubai were a little crazy! It was reassuring for us to know our son was strapped in properly and well protected.

Hire For Baby | My Travel MonkeyWith hindsight, I do wish we had hired a stroller with bigger wheels than ours in order to be able to walk along the beach. So, my advice, if you can cope at the airport without a buggy, definitely get one.

As for the other items, they were useful to have, but we wouldn’t have been able to have taken the majority ourselves anyway – so it felt like a bonus. I’ll be honest and say that we could have easily managed without. But then again, we were staying in a large hotel complex and there was plenty to keep our son entertained.

If you were in a self-catering option or staying with friends, then the smaller items would be incredibly useful. I also know that there are a  lot of professionals who have secondments out in Dubai, and in this instance, hiring all the baby equipment would be a lifesaver.

Hire For Baby | My Travel MonkeyOn another note, I’m also a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene – and was assured that the company’s whole range is not only thoroughly steam cleaned and sanitised, but fabrics and linen are cleaned with baby-friendly detergents. So when we were given the equipment, it was all vacuum packed and I was pleased they were good on their word – all of it was spotless and had a fresh scent.

At the end of our holiday, returning the items was just as easy. Jhey met us at the airport so we could return the car seat, while the remaining items were left at the concierge at our hotel where they were picked up later on in the day.

Hire For Baby | My Travel Monkey


I would definitely recommend Hire 4 Baby – Jossette and her team are incredibly helpful, and the whole process was simple. If you’re only staying in Dubai for a short amount of time, your hotel will have most of the larger items such as a cot and highchair, so you wouldn’t probably need to hire the equipment. That said, there are so many other scenarios where people visit/stay/live in Dubai, which means HIre For Baby would be invaluable.

I also think prices are reasonable – you’re looking at around £8 for three days for a high chair, around £20 for seven days for a baby seat, and £18 for a basic stroller.

With a little forward planning, you could save yourself a big headache and back pain on your next trip to Dubai… We certainly did.

* MTM were offered the services of Hire 4 Baby for the purposes of this review