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I’m not a ‘camping’ person. As I’ve got older, I desire a few home comforts when I travel now. It’s not that I’ve never camped before – I do know what laying inside a piece of canvas feels like, having done it on several occasions over the years. Camping is just something I’ve never really got on with. However, now that I have a nearly five-year-old who’s obsessed with the great outdoors, making dens and wanting to stay in a field – am I going to have to bite the bullet and get over my fear? Perhaps not…

My camping memories

My first memories were as a child with friends in the back garden. At that age, it’s the excitement and fun that keeps you inside the tent. My experienced then progressed to school trips because we had to camp for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards – remember those?

I moved up a notch to more exotic climes after shivering in a field in the backwaters of Surrey. Ayers Rock in Australia was to be the next location. Sleeping under the stars on a balmy night in the bush was bearable because I was so excited about watching the sunrise over the iconic Uluru.

The second was on the same trip but in Fraser Island, off the east coast of Queensland. Even though that was for three nights – I went to sleep most evenings having consumed a box of wine. So I’m sure I could have been on a park bench for all the difference that would have made! Plus, it was pretty spectacular freshening up in the island’s several stunning freshwater pools and lakes, and not in some grubby shower huts.

A few years later, we went trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, I was so exhausted from the day’s walking as well as the lack of oxygen in the air, that sleeping, even if it was on hard ground, was bliss. Not being able to wash for four days, however, wasn’t so great.

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping Guide

A Family Glamping Guide

If like me, you really haven’t got a clue about the etiquette of camping, or you’re first-timers and want to give it a go, then Halfords have some helpful advice in their Ultimate Camping Guide which gives fabulous recommendations on where stay at popular hotspots from Cornwall to Scotland and everywhere in between – plus all sorts of adventures from festivals to going abroad and even camping recipes.

I never realised there was so much to consider before going on a camping trip – I mean it’s common sense really to practice pitching your tent first at home. Why have I never done that before? What really caught my interest in the handy guide, though, is that it also points out glamping is now a popular alternative.

Where to go family glamping

So I can really have the best of both worlds! A combination of getting back to nature with the necessary luxuries means it’s a win-win all around. And when faced with an abundance of glamping choices, I think the MTM family will be hard pressed not to have a good time.

Glamping Yorkshire

Check out these camping pods in Yorkshire’s Humble Bee Farm. They look fantastic

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping Guide

Yurt Glamping

But if tents are more your thing what about these gorgeous yurts in Somerset?

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping Guide

Suffolk Glamping

Nestled deep in the Suffolk countryside is Secret Meadows where you can bed down in these quaint gypsy caravans

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping Guide

Glamping Devon

But if you want a more futuristic vibe how about these amazing geodesic domes in Devon’s Loveland Farm

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping Guide

Tipi Tents

Or can you imagine staying in a Tipi by the sea in Pembrokshire? These tents are furnished with beds and have outdoor kitchens

Glamping: The Ultimate Camping GuideGosh, I’d be really hard pushed to make a decision on all of the above – they all look brilliant. It would seem that I might become a ‘camping’ person after all! Well okay, more a ‘glamping’ person… I definitely need a bed!

Have you ever been family glamping?

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