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The likes of Instagram and social media have taken the art form of snapping photos to another level, but there is still something powerful about going through old family photographs and physically holding them in your hands. Photographs can bring back such happy memories – the experiences that come with them all, the laughter shared, and the unique moments in time that can be evoked from just one snapshot.

Why Printed Family Photos Are Still So Important | My Travel Monkey

Print your family photos…

While it is now so easy to take tons of family photos on smartphones, don’t get into the habit of leaving your photos confined to the digital world. There is always a risk that your captured moments can be lost in an instant – this happened to my husband after his phone was immersed in sea water.  Luckily, I had saved most of them, so disaster was averted. But by printing your family photos, you will then have an archive of all your favourite family snaps.

There are now many apps and websites such as Hello Canvas that make it simple to order and get all your family photos printed. Not only can you display them around the home but you can create photo books, collages and even artwork to hang on feature walls.

Family Photography project

My current interiors project is to do just that – I am creating a photo collage of all our family photos to go on the huge space on our landing – and will update you with the finished piece when done.

The best part of this exercise has been going through all our family photos and choosing. It’s been so difficult to narrow them down to just a few, but the great thing about being such a travelling family is I do have a lot of family photos to choose from. I’ve gone for a mix and each one has a story to tell. I’m going to share a few of the highlights below – but next time you take some digital family photos, perhaps you might consider printing them instead and really showcasing your family photography skills around your home.

Highlights of recent family photos

Mayfield Lavender Fields

Every year from about June, we always head to Mayfield Lavender to enjoy the beautiful colours and the pungent floral scents of acres of purple lavender. Even novice photographers like myself can capture a good shot – the background is too good not to!  This photo not only reminds me of a scorching hot summer and blue skies but the growing bond developing between two brothers. Monkey was so protective of Peanut, especially around the buzzy bees. It was a lovely moment and one I am glad to have caught on camera.

Why Printing Family Photos Are Still So Important | My Travel Monkey


I love this photo of Monkey. It really personifies our whole family trip to Zakynthos. We were on a boat trip to go turtle spotting, and not only did we see two loggerheads that day, but also snorkelled in the magnificent turquoise blue Ionian Sea. In fact, we spent most of our time in Zakynthos either in the sea or in the pool. But isn’t that what family holidays are all about?

Why Printing Family Photos Are Still So Important | My Travel Monkey

Raby Castle in Durham

Not only were we blown away by the sheer beauty of Durham, but amazed by all the wonderfully family-friendly attractions that were on offer. We spent a glorious week exploring the region from alpaca walking to visiting the Beamish Museum – but it’s this photo that I feel really sums our family’s love of the outdoors. We spent the day wandering Raby Castle and I caught the boys watching a herd of deer.

Why Printing Family Photos Are Still So Important | My Travel Monkey

Christmas in Camber Sands

Having spent 2016 in South Africa, the boys were determined to be at home in the UK for Christmas. So while that was our intention, our plans changed slightly when my parents offered to rent a beach house in Camber Sands in Sussex. It was a lovely festive period spent with my family, but the best thing? Was being so close to the beach. We walked there every day, sometimes even twice a day and the kids just loved running about in the sand dunes. It was a brilliant family Christmas and something we’d definitely do again.

Why Printing Family Photos Are Still So Important | My Travel Monkey

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