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The world is too large, diverse and beautiful a place to leave unexplored. But as unquenchable as our thirst for travel may be, our income can create a significant bottlenecking of our travel exploits. Although there are many ways in which you can reduce the cost of your globe-trotting, if you can make a little extra money while you’re away, so much the better! Working holidays needn’t necessarily be the preserve of backpacking millennials slumming it behind bars or waiting tables. Indeed, the digital age has seen the rise of the digital nomad– travel hungry professionals whose laptops are their offices and who make their living from wherever on the planet they hang their hat. 

Even if you don’t want to join the ranks of the digital nomads, there are certain skill sets that are marketable and profitable pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you want to take a long working holiday or simply make a little extra money on your travels, here are some great ways to earn while travelling – and still have fun!

Teach whatever you’re good at

Wherever your skills lie, if you have skills that are worth learning you can make good money from them abroad. Your mind well may jump to teaching English and while this is an eminently marketable skill when travelling to non-English speaking countries, it’s by no means the only service you can provide for locals. Fitness buffs can make money as personal trainers- Click here for a really good online personal training course. Experienced yogi can find locals itching for an affordable opportunity to hone their yoga skills. Whatever you’re good at, you can find someone who’ll pay good money to learn from you. 

Use websites like TakeLessons.com or Upwork to find new opportunities. 


Whether you’re a professional copywriter or a gifted blogger, you can make money by writing as you travel the world. While seasoned travel buffs can find themselves making good money (and even getting paid to travel) as travel bloggers, there are also no shortage of copywriting opportunities all over the world if you don’t mind taking your laptop on holiday.

Sites like People Per Hour and Constant Content literally can’t get enough skilled copywriters (and having English as your first language will be a distinct advantage). You’ll be able to take on as much or as little work as you like and if you’re canny with deadlines you can make money without having to compromise your travel plans.

Give expert advice

Are you an accomplished business person with insights that could help make people rich? Are you a tech savant with an affinity for all things mechanical or electronic? If you are skilled or knowledgeable in virtually any field, there are legions of people out there who need your advice (and are more than happy to pay for it). Check out sites like Clarity.fm where you can get paid by the minute to consult on whatever matter best matches your expertise. 

A lust for travel can be costly. But find ways to monetise your skills while you travel (as well as before and after) and you’ll have more money in the kitty to see the world and enjoy your travels without worrying so much about your budget.