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I’m what you call an ‘independent’ traveller… My husband would laugh and label it as ‘liking to be in control’. Whichever term is used to describe my method of organising, researching and booking a family trip – I will confess, I do like to do things my way…Our last big family adventure was at Christmas to South Africa. And, while it was truly amazing, it was also extremely hard work – what with schlepping a six-year-old and an 11-month-old baby halfway around the globe. From the logistics and making sure our itinerary worked around all the many places we stayed, to triple checking I had reserved and booked every excursion and restaurant we wanted to go to, as well as getting our car hire back to its home, was no easy task.

Discovering A New Way To Holiday... With Simpson Travel

I came back after our 15 days exhausted… and feeling a touch of the January blues.

Some would say that this is my own fault: why do I take on the responsibility by myself? Why don’t I relinquish some of the tasks to my husband or to a travel company who can shoulder some of the burden?

Looking back at my travelling over the years, I have always been one to spend hours on the internet, reading up on different destinations and seeing what will inspire me. After taking my backpack and flying to India for a trip around the world which lasted 18 months, it’s always been my independent way of thinking – even after having children. Perhaps it’s also because I can only blame myself if anything were to not go to plan…

Discovering A New Way To Holiday... With Simpson Travel

But that’s thing – since having my two beautiful sons, and as adventurous as we are as a family, having been to so many countries including Iceland in the depths of winter, and Thailand, we’re also simple souls – who enjoy spending time together, getting a big dose of sunshine, mucking around in a swimming pool, paddling on the beach and eating good food. We love mixing lazy days with a little exploration and finding those little gems off the beaten track or searching out the best ice-creams.

Simpson Travel

I’ll hold my hands up and say, that perhaps because I’m always continually searching for our next big thrilling escapade, I’ve neglected to remember what we all sometimes need once in a while – and that’s just a good family holiday together  and staying put in a beautiful place to be able to enjoy it and the surrounding area.

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I’ll also openly admit that as a busy working mum of two young children, I am struggling to find any time for myself. And for once, it would be absolutely wonderful for someone else to take the reins when it comes to organising our next family holiday. Some travel companies have never really hit the mark for me, which is why we’ve never gone with them. However, after reading more about Simpson Travel, I am beginning to see the appeal. Their personal service means I don’t have to remember every single detail from airport transfers to highchairs, because they can do it all for us.

Why choose a family holiday with Simpson Travel?

And that’s the key, isn’t it? Finally discovering a company that meets my high expectations from what I want from a family holiday was always going to be a revelation. They offer idyllic destinations such as Corsica and Greece to luxurious handpicked properties that mean you get a home-away-from-home, as well as local representatives that are on hand to make your stay that little bit more special, I wonder why I haven’t given up my controlling ways before!

Discovering A New Way To Holiday... With Simpson Travel

I could tell you all the reasons that make up our perfect family holiday, but you’ve heard them all before as it’s my mantra, and always will be: family togetherness, making memories, experiencing new and wonderful things together –  that’s why I am a travel blogger after all and I’m always seeking to replicate it wherever we go.

But what’s so refreshing for me is the reminder that I don’t have to drag the family to the other side of the world to have an amazing adventure, we will always have the best time wherever we are because we’re together. And even better, is being looked after by a company with over 40 years’ experience in the industry and being able to stay in unspoiled and breathtaking destinations. I think perhaps Simpson Travel can teach me a thing or two…

If you would like to see more of what Simpson Travel can do for you in terms of arranging your next family holiday, I’ve produced an article below… (click on the link or the image)

A New Way To Holiday - With Simpson Travel* This is part of my entry to become a Simpson Travel Ambassador where two winners will each win a family holiday worth £5,000. Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed for the MTM family!