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We’ve all been there –  kids complaining they’re bored with all the programmes they’ve watched a zillion times. So it’s always great when you have access to a kids’ animation that can provide over 200 hours of content! Now that’s being prepared and will surely keep them entertained for many hours – particularly on a long car journey.

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

We were invited along for a day out in Bournemouth to celebrate the launch of a new partnership between popular kids’ animation Oddbods and National Express – and Monkey was super excited to not only spend a day beside the seaside but to meet some of the Oddbods characters in person.


If you’re not familiar with the hilarious antics of the Oddbods, do check out them out below:

Oddbods is not only a multi-award-winning show but it is now on air in just under 180 countries. Featuring seven very different but lovable friends, the core message of the animation is simple – that it is okay to be different because ‘different’ makes life much more interesting.

After arriving at Bournemouth Pier, we were greeted by children’s TV presenter Nigel Clarke plus two Oddbods themselves, Pogo and Bubbles. Monkey was particularly taken with Pogo who, like him, is often mischievous and extremely energetic!

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

National Express and Vuer

After our meet and greet with the Oddbods, it was time to jump onboard the National Express Oddbods coach for a tour around Bournemouth. It was also our opportunity to try out National Express’ entertainment system Vuer – which has now be loaded with over 200 hours of Oddbods content.

Simple to download, the Vuer app connects to the coach’s wi-fi and then you’re good to go – which means that long boring coach journeys will now be much more interesting for kids, all the while keeping your mobile data intact!

We tested Vuer ourselves during our trip on my phone, and in a matter of minutes, Monkey was happily laughing away at the Oddbods and their adventures. It was hard tearing him away from the screen!

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

A fun day out in Bournemouth

After our coach tour, it was time to explore Bournemouth and with the weather being so glorious there was nothing for it but to grab an ice-cream and then head over to Bournemouth gardens where we played a round of mini-golf. It was so much fun trying to beat each other and I’ll have to admit, Monkey had the edge. His putting skills are pretty good!

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

Next up was a ride on Bournemouth’s Big Wheel. What was rather deceiving was the strong winds while our gondola was right at the top. But even though it was blowy and a little chilly, we enjoyed taking in the glorious view of the beach and sea below.

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

After Monkey insisted strolling along the beach for a time, our tummies started grumbling so we walked along the pier, enjoying the sound of the waves and people watching, before heading for lunch at Key West Café, where we had another chance to talk to Nigel and take some photos with Pogo and Bubbles.

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

An Oddbods Day Out in Bournemouth | My Travel Monkey

After stuffing our faces with delicious food, Monkey then got the opportunity to do some crafting and made his very own pencil case, which he was very proud of. And before we knew it, it was already home time. But, of course, we couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to the Oddbods – and getting some sweet treats for the long journey home. After all, what is a day out in Bournemouth without a stick of rock?

* This post was written in collaboration with Oddbods and National Express, and I was compensated for our day out in Bournemouth