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Back in 2001/2, I embarked on my first epic adventure around the world with just my belongings in my backpack and sense of anticipation for the road that lay ahead of me. For 18 months I moved from country to country over two continents, barely staying in one place for more than a few weeks. And, after settling down in Australia to work for a while, I finally had a phone number in which family could contact me – remember the days before smartphones and wi-fi? However, our Sydney apartment was not what you would call ‘homely’, I was sharing a room with two other people and was hardly ever there.

Even though I never felt homesick during my extended travels, when the time came for me to finally get back home, there was most definitely a feeling of post-travel blues. Life after travelling was much harder to adjust to because no one else had shared my experiences. Did I have some post-travel depression? Yes, I did, but there were many things that helped me get over them quickly.

Why I Love Coming Home After Travelling Away

Even though I was travelling full-time on that occasion, I still get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach when the plane flies over the UK’s green and pleasant lands and touches down on the tarmac, whenever we come home from a trip. It’s the sense of anticipation of walking through the front door and knowing you’re finally home. There are always post-travel blues, of course, especially if you have to go back to work straight away but here are the reasons why I love coming home after travelling away.

Familiar Surroundings

When you’re travelling and exploring, it’s quite taxing on the mind as your senses go into overdrive. Coming home from travelling and being surrounded by familiar items, furniture and belongings – it really does give over a sense of calm and security. And while I am no interior design guru, the rooms in our house are a sanctuary – the colours, the hanging wall art, our family photographs, my favourite cushions and throws, my spot on the sofa, and my workspace, all contribute to making it home sweet home…

My bed

It doesn’t matter if I’ve stayed in five-star luxury with Egyptian cotton sheets and super king sized beds, there is nothing better than having a hot bath, getting into clean pyjamas and slipping under the freshly washed covers of your own bed. It will undoubtedly be the best night’s sleep I will have had since leaving to go away!

My Own Wardrobe

Living out of a suitcase is often what I do when travelling because more often than not, the wardrobe spaces will be lacking, I can’t be bothered to unpack or I am moving around too much so there’s no point in putting my clothes away. Coming home after travelling, means everything can go in its rightful place. And breathe…

Getting back to a routine

Not so much for me, as I work for myself, but for the kids. When we go away, the rules go out of the window somewhat, and the kids will be overly tired when we come back home. So getting back into a routine of nap times, a decent bedtime and back to school always helps settle them after we’ve been away for some time.

A decent cup of tea

Tea never ever tastes the same when you’re away. In fact, the first thing I do when I walk through the front door is brew up. A strong cup of Yorkshire tea, and I know I’m home!

Catching up with family and friends

It goes without saying that when you travel, especially for long periods of time it’s always good to get home and see loved ones. This is especially the case when I travel solo. Even though I don’t ever have the time to get homesick, I do miss my boys.

Planning Our Next Trip

Okay, so you may have the post-travel blues because you’re back home and your holiday/vacation is over. But so what? Get busy planning your next family trip and adventure. That’s the best thing about getting home – you can think about what you enjoyed from your most recent trip and take that inspiration for your next destination. After all, half the fun of travel is in the planning!

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