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When it comes to travelling is flying your first choice? Let’s face it, taking a plane is the quickest and most convenient way of reaching your holiday destination. But coach travel is rising in popularity. Particularly as there are so many companies offering great routes all across the UK and Europe. In fact, we recently took a day trip and used National Express – and I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort, convenience and speed of the journey. If you’re planning to a trip across the UK or heading to Europe for a break soon, would you consider taking a coach? Here are just a few why coach travel could be a great option instead of flying.

It’s so much cheaper than flying

One of the main benefits of going on coach travel is that the cost of your trip will be significantly lower. The thing about coaches is that they are only a fraction of the cost to maintain and operate compared to aeroplanes. What that means for you is that you can use some of the money you’ve saved by travelling on a coach as spending money on your holiday. You can get a return ticket from London to Paris from £12 one way. Yes, you read that right… £12!

You can appreciate the scenery

A downside to flying is that you seldom see much of the areas or countries that you travel through en-route to your destination. As a coach passenger, you can check out the places you travel through. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t spend all of your time on a boring motorway when you travel by coach. Often, you will find that coaches travel right in the heart of towns and cities.

It’s super easy to book a coach trip

While there are many companies that can get you from A-B, coaching holidays are also a good way of covering long distances and there is an abundance of coach holiday travel agencies like Just Go! Holidays  – where you can sit back, relax and be taken to stunning destinations including France and the Netherlands.

Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s a rising concern for more and more people who are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts their travel is having on the environment. And plane travel is one of the worse contributors. It comes as no surprise that your carbon footprint is considerably lower with a coach trip than an aeroplane, even if you happen to be travelling to mainland Europe.

Take a look at this interesting article from the BBC on the subject of climate change. According to their research, a plane produces between 102g to 133g of carbon emissions per kilometre. In comparison, a diesel coach only produces around 27g per kilometre! That’s a huge difference.